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Great for kids
by Mike

We are a fan of liquid medicine since we have little ones. We give this to our kids in some orange juice whenever they start getting sick. It's usually the only medicine we give them because it is effective and safe for their little fragile bodies!

Awesome product
by William S

The only thing that is better than Echinacea is when you combine it with Goldenseal. Great product and a great price. Sometimes the good tea will cost you eight dollars, so for a concentrate it is really a good buy.

Love this stuff!
by Ben

I grew up using Echinacea/Goldenseal and the stuff is awesome. I always keep a bottle around if I feel like I may be getting sick I start taking it and I believe it really helps.

Still not conviced
by Jen W.

I bought this product based on a friend's recomendation. With young children at home, I get all of their germs and feel like I always have a cold. I started using this Echinacea spray because a friend swears that she no longer gets colds because she takes it. Well, I still have my fair share of colds, but I will say that I think they have been shorter and less terrible than last year, so I am going to keep using this product.

Keeps colds away
by Savannah R.

Echinacea is so helpful in preventing colds! I use this about twice a week to boost my immune system and not only does it taste great but truly staves off those annoying colds.

Truly Does Boost Your Immune System
by Denise

Goldenseal definitely works to boost your immune system, and echinacea is great to keep a cold from getting worse. I put about 10 drops in a glass of water about once a week as a preventative measure.

great for colds
by Kelly Morris

I've used both echinacea and goldenseal separately for colds, and they worked OK, but the combination of the too works even better. I think the spray just gets it in your system even faster than the capsules. And it's good to only have to buy one product to get the benefit of both herbs.

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