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Works for me
by Carrie Darling

These have been a life saver. The prevent UTI's and trust me thay are now comfortable at all. Ouch!
They stop the UTI from forming in the first place.

Did not work for me
by Carol C.

Several years ago I began taking this daily on the advice of a neighbor. I had been getting a lot of 'sniffle' type colds, and she said it would build my immune system. I stopped after about 8 months as I was feeling no difference in my health and energy, and still getting regular bouts with sniffles (and no, it wasn't allergies). A year later, my son was out of preschool and the sniffles stopped. I think I built my immunity on my own.

For myself I would give it a 0, but it did work well for my neighbor - could be that, just like pharmacy medicines nothing works for everyone.

Good to have on hand
by Lori Solomon

I have taken this product during the cold season for several years now. This year I didn't due to some meds I was taking. A big difference! As soon as I can, I hope to start taking it again. It doesn't make you "cold-proof," but it does make a big dent in the number and severity of colds I did get.

Very effective
by Barb Fleming

I take the Echinacea/Goldenseal combination when I feeling fatigued, or am having problems with my digestive system. This is a great immune system booster/detoxifier as well as restoring the natural ability to go to the bathroom without OTC laxatives. I take this product on an as needed basis as I take Echinacea and goldenseal separately as well. This extra combo dosage is very effective.

by Lorri

Whenever I am around someone who is coming down with a cold I tell them to start taking Echinacea for about 10 days. Then I go home and start taking it so if I do get their cold I can almost stop it in it's tracks. This is proven to work for me and many others who have tried it. It is also great to take at the first sign of a sore throat. It really helps ease the symptoms.

Anti-Cold Arsenal Must-Have
by Paul

My family and I have had Echinacea at our disposal for several years, solely to aid the immune system's defense against the dreaded flu virus. In those several years, the incidence of contraction can be counted on one hand, and the use of Echinacea has meant never missing work. Used wisely--only when needed, to keep potency high--it is definitely one product that serves its purpose exceedingly well.

boosted my immune system, works
by littlecat

This works, I took echinacea and goldenseal and on..for almost 3 years. When I learned I was pregnant with my son, I stopped. I was never sick when I was on it, as a matter-of-fact..when I went off of it, and called my boss to tell him I was sick, and couldn't come into work, he called me the very next day and told me he had checked my was the first time I had called in sick IN 3 YEARS. I believe in echinacea/goldenseal. It really does boost your immunity.

The only cold cure!
by Gina

Echinacea Goldenseal works great to boost your immune system and to help prevent colds. My whole family uses it whenever any sign of a cold arises. Most of the time it stops the cold from getting worse if we catch it in time! The easy to swallow pills mask the taste of the herb (Just try the liquid version and you'll understand!)

Great Product
by Matt Bentley

I think this product is excellent. It works great when taken at the onset of a cold. I would not recommend taking this product to prevent a cold. With anything we put into our bodies that it is not used to, it will adjust so the impact is minimal. Kind of a like aspirin, ibuprofen, etc., - the more you take, the more you have to take. I would recommend taking this product sparingly at the very beginning of a cold. Keep in mind when purchasing, however, that Echinacea loses it potency over time, so purchasing a small amount at a time is best. Another perk is that it is fairly accepted as a cancer preventer. Most natural herbs are.

Immune System Booster!
by Andi

Echinacea goldenseal is great for those with low immune systems. As an infant my body had to fight off spinal- meningitis. This weakend my immune system. I started using Nature's Way Echinacea goldenseal about 8 years ago and it has worked wonders in helping my immune system fight!

no more colds!
by jen

I use this product from September thru March to avoid colds. With two school-age children at home and a full time healthcare job, I am exposed to a lot of illnesses. Since starting to take Nature's Way Echinacea and Goldenseal, I have stopped at least three colds this winter alone!

by heather

This is one of those products to keep around during the cold / flu season. Whenever I feel like I'm coming down with a cold or something floating around, I make sure I load up on this. I don't dread getting sick because I know I'm boosting my immune system, at least a little bit! Having kids at home, I'll take anything to keep me healthy and going!

Boost your immune system
by Denise

I started taking Echinacea and Goldenseal after I had a bout with several colds. I was catching colds and picking up germs very easily. I noticed over a period of weeks that I was not getting sick like I used to. I would recommend Echinacea and Goldenseal to boost your immune system!

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