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The Echinacea plant helps provide herbal support for the immune system. In particular, Echinacea enhances the health of the respiratory and digestive systems, making it a popular herbal supplement for the common cold and the flu.
Product: Echinacea
Brand: Neways International (More Products)
Size: 100 Capsules
Dosage: 3 tablets twice daily
Retail: $18.45
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17 Customer Reviews

Echinacea Daily
by A G

I take Echinacea daily, and since starting this regimen I am sick far less often, and the duration of colds have been shortened by several days. I feel healthy and revived now that I am taking this supplement. I recommend it to all my family, friends, and co-workers.

Works well for me
by Wendy

My Uncle has told me about Echinacea for years. He was recently talking to me about colds, since it’s cold season and he always wants to see if I have taken it yet. He told me about Echinacea Immune Support Capsules. He said he recently discovered this brand of Echinacea and he swears by, even more than his other brands.
He says it has increased his immune system and he gets even less colds than before. I have been taking this for three weeks. I feel good and I have been around some sick people lately and I haven’t gotten sick, like I usually do. I like this and recommend it. It should help some people not get colds and it should help some people who get colds, not get really severe colds.

Not so sure
by Robert

It's difficult to gauge whether or not this product actually works. It is supposed to keep your immune system running properly, but anything with vitamin C will have the same effect. I suppose it could help, but so could a glass of orange juice.

I'm a believer
by Paul

I drink echinacea tea and take this capsule starting in the fall when people are passing cold viruses around. It's supposed to work by stimulating the immune system cells to eat virus infected cells. I think it works pretty well as a preventative.

I had one experience with this where I was starting to feel sick so I took it and wow it knocked me out. I think this shows that it does have a real effect. Probably what happened is that my immune system was already trying to fight and this stimulated it to the point where I became physically exhausted. I never did catch that cold though. But be warned that if you take this when you first start feeling sick, your energy can completely crash.

Good Preventative
by NRK

I always get sick every time the season changes. My friend's mother suggested that I start taking echinacea whenever I started feeling bad. I followed her advice. Personally, it doesn't seem to prevent me from becoming sick, but it does keep me from getting as sick. Before, I would be bed-ridden for several days, but since taking echinacea, the worse that happens is a sore throat and runny nose. I would suggest this to anyone looking to take the edge off of an illness.

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