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Green Tea Triple Echinacea

Stimulates Immune Function. Contains Caffeine. Yogi Tea Green Tea Triple Echinacea is formulated to help keep your immune system in great shape. A highly concentrated Echinacea Extract and Kombucha-PureT are produced in one of the world's most advanced herbal laboratories and complement this unique immune support formula. Kombucha-PureT is produced without the use of refined sugar or black tea, and is made from Kombucha grown in a unique medium of 32 supporting Chinese herbs. The combination of three varieties of Organic Echinacea Root (Echinacea angustifolia, purpurea, pallida) provides a full spectrum of protection. Recent scientific research has shown that Echinacea is effective in giving the immune system a short-term boost, thereby promoting (among other actions) an increase in interferons, proteins that control immune functions to keep the body in balance. This herb also supplies three categories of Echinacea actives - caffeic acid derivatives (including cichoric acid), alkylamides and polysaccharides. These plant compounds work together to enhance immune function. Yogi Tea has also included Elder Berry, which in recent research was shown to be immune-enhancing and supportive of the respiratory system. The formula is further complemented with Ginseng, which is widely regarded as the ultimate immune- enhancer, and with Organic Green Tea (Camellia sinensis). Unlike other green teas, this special organic Green Tea has a delicate flavor with no bitterness. Green Tea Triple Echinacea can help you stay healthy.
Product: Green Tea Triple Echinacea
Brand: Yogi Tea (More Products)
Size: 16 tea bags
Dosage: Use 1 tea bag daily
Retail: $4.98
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4 Customer Reviews

Healthy Tea for All
by Willow

Anytime I feel an illness creeping up on me, I brew a cup of this tea. I feel it works well at keeping illnesses from getting worse, and can even help ward off sickness. I brew if for quite awhile to get every bit of its healthy benefits from it.

If my throat is getting scratchy, this tea soothes it. No caffeine in it which means I'm also hydrating myself with vital liquids needed when sick. This is a tea we keep close-by year around. Even at the slightest hint of illness, I have a cup. There are several times when I or my husband had had a cup of this tea when feeling under the weather and never did get sick.

I don't care for the flavor of Yogi Triple Echinacea tea. It has notes of spice similar to clove or even some anise. It has a very strong flavor and nothing I add to it seems to help, though lemon can tame it some.

I'd recommend this tea to anyone, anytime. Echinacea is known for immune support, and I've seen that it works well.

Love it!
by Hannah

I love to drink this green tea when I am feeling sluggish or feel a cold coming on! It tastes delicious and the flavor is enhanced by adding a little bit of raw honey. The only problem I had with it was the amount of caffeine. I am sensitive to caffeine and this tea seems to have more than most herbal teas. I do not recommend taking it in the evening but earlier in the day!

Up all night.
by Jennifer

This green tea has one of the best flavors! It is wonderful and needs no sweetener. One complaint I have is the strength of the caffeine. I had a cup at 7pm after work and that night I was awake until 2am! I only drink it in the morning now and it jump starts my day. I enjoy it.

by Kelly

This product is a relaxing way to fight the germs of the season. Just be careful if you are caffiene sensitive, because like all green teas, this contains enough caffeine to keep you jittery.

1 Customer Opinions

by jalanea briggs

I have tried many types of Yogi Tea and would like to try this kind also. This brand has awesome teas with great flavors such as peach (my personal favorite) They also have many varieties of green tea flavors that are yummy as well. I give this product a 4 because I have never tried this flavor before