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Mega Garlic Plus

Maintaining a healthy heart is important to keeping a healthy and active lifestyle. Mega Garlic Plus supports circulation and heart health with an enteric-coated tablet to release active ingredients once through the stomach for full absorption.*

Support healthy circulation and heart health*

Get the antioxidant benefits of one, whole garlic clove*
Product: Mega Garlic Plus
Brand: Herbalife (More Products)
Size: 30 tablets
Dosage: Take one tablet per day with a meal.
Retail: $18.95
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3 Customer Reviews

Too expensive
by Marla Bram

This product costs double what it should. That is what happens with MLM companies.

Garlic Rules!
by maryam

Ever since I was a little girl, my mom has stressed the importance of garlic. It's great on so many different levels. Growing up, my mom always recommended garlic for its benefit for the skin. A couple of cloves or garlic a day can really do wonders! And as we age, garlic is a wonderful antioxidant and a great way to keep cholesterol in check. BUT it is so hard to take down a couple of cloves of garlic because it is so strong and leaves my breath smelling not so wonderful!
So, now I have switched to these tablets. I take one a day, which is equivalent to one clove of garlic. It's so painless - I just take it on a full stomach and no worries about bad breath or strong odors! The great thing about these tablets are that they are sized for easy swallowing and there is no bad aftertaste.
I really feel like garlic makes a differnce in my life and I would recommend it to anyone - no matter how young or old.

Enteric coated natural garlic supplement easier on sensitive stomachs
by Noah H.

I convinced my Mom to start taking Mega Garlic Plus since it was the first garlic supplement I had found that was for people with sensitive stomachs. I had been taking a garlic supplement product myself for several years but since she has a sensitive stomach, she couldn't remain on one for any length of time without problems, even though fresh garlic eaten in small quantities didn't bother her. Sadly, she had a very high total cholesterol count and a dangerous lipid level but after trying the other garlic supplements on the market, she gave up on being able to take them as most of them caused her to experience a bitter taste and belching late in the evenings, especially when she lay down for the night. Since she had suffered a previous heart attack and still had angina episodes, I knew that garlic, besides helping to lower one's cholesterol, was an excellent aide to better cardiovascular health. Mega Garlic Plus is different than other garlic supplements in that it does not dissolve until it reaches the intestines, as it's centric coated, just like her daily low dose aspirin she takes! She was hesitant at first, but now takes this newer product without worrying about it upsetting her stomach. She swears it not only has lowered her lipid levels and total cholesterol by around 12-15% in the past 8 months, but that she actually feels better now overall and surprisingly has better digestion, too!