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Tastes Bad
by Annalisa

My mom had me start taking these when I kept getting bladder infections. While it did help relieve the infections, it tasted really bad and I discontinued taking it because of the taste. If you can look past that, it is still a good product.

Garlic Supplement
by Kyle

I use this mainly as a substitute when I'm not intaking fresh garlic. While this is a great product, the taste is HORRIBLE. I haven't had as many infections since starting to take garlic as advised by my doctor.

by lala5

If you can get over the unpleasant taste, it is really a great product. It has done wonders for my body. I feel like I have more energy and my immune system has also benefited from it.

When Fresh Garlic Is Not Available
by Cathy Weaver

I use garlic in cooking and eat it raw most every day. If I am not able to get garlic in my diet I will use a supplement.
This high potency garlic fits the bill.

One thing I've noticed is bugs do not bite me as much as they used to before I started using garlic daily. The aftertaste is not as strong when I use Nature's Sunshine garlic. Great product.

When All Else Fails
by cynthia

If I have trouble getting rid of a respiratory infection, I know High Potency Garlic can take care of it. It is considered a natural antibiotic with the added benefits of killing off parasites in the body and cleansing the blood.

more than a myth
by Carol

So much has been written about garlic being a potent weapon against vampires that people seem to have forgotten that garlic wards off germs and protects people from real villains such as colds. I don't like the taste of garlic, so this product is ideal for me. I've been taking it for several months and have not had the slightest hint of a cold or flu.

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