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by Ann

Both my husband and I have high cholestrol and we don't want to take prescription meds, so the doctor suggested we try garlic to see if it gets our levels down. I love garlic in my cooking so taking these pills were easy. No aftertaste, no smell when you perspire, no garlic breath! We had our tests taken about 3 months after trying them and our bad cholestrol went down an average of 15 points and the good cholestrol went up 8 points. We are going to continue using these and see how much more we can lower the bad cholestrol. These are well worth the price.

Great Product
by Kas

This is a great product. I was rather skeptical when I bought it, thinking that my husband would immediately know I had taken a garlic pill but I was wrong. Not only did my breath not smell, the smell didn't permeate out my body either! There was no aftertaste and I only have to take one pill a day. The price is very reasonable seeing as you get a two months supply in a bottle. I haven't been taking this product very long as I just got a recommendation from my Dr. to start taking it, but I will definitely continue to take it and see how it helps my cholesterol on my next test!

I love it
by Bethany

Ive been takeing garlic for some time now. When I saw this on the shelf, I thought yea right. Well I think it is the BEST garlic pill out there. No after taste. And NO SMELL!!!

Garlic tablets
by Rashmi R

This is a good product. It has no after taste and is good for heart. It is not too expensive and is worth the price. My husband takes one tablet everyday along with a good half-hour walk. It has kept his cholesterol in control.

They got it right!
by allismom

Way to take a problem and correct it!!! I remember growing up having my dad take garlic pills. You could tell immediately when had taken them. I even think the smell started to permiate when he sweat. Eww! Finally someone came up with the great product to save us all!

No smell, no after taste.. a perfect garlic supplement!
by Jenny

Puritan's Pride makes wonderful products and I originally started out with their Garlic soft gels, but recently switched to this formulation because of it's cold-pressed method of removing some of the odor. The soft gels did not have any taste, but I did notice that occasionally I would belch back a rather pungent garlic type taste, as well as noticing a slight odor of garlic in my perspiration and urine. This new formulation leaves absolutely no odor in the body or on the breath and is also much gentler on the tummy. I find that along with exercise, other natural supplements, and a change in diet, this product has helped keep my cholesterol level down. Garlic is also beneficial for good intestinal function and healthy digestion and as this product leaves no aftertaste nor smell, it's perfect for both uses. Trust Puritan's Pride to provide a quality all natural product at a very reasonable price! I would rate their Deodorized Garlic - 1250 mg as a high potency addition to your healthy lifestyle changes and an overall excellent cardiovascular product.

by lala5

This product is great in the sense that they have taken an extra step to take out the unpleasant taste from these pills which really do work. This has really done wonders for my body and the price is not too bad either.

Heart Supplement without the Bad Taste
by Michele Fair

I love this as an alternative to most garlic supplements, because there is no after taste. My boyfriend takes this along with Hawthorn berries to help keep his heart healthy, and it works well in combination.

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