f GNC Natures Fingerprint Ginger Root Reviews and Information

Natures Fingerprint Ginger Root

Supports digestive health.
The botanical species of Fingerprinted™ herbs are positively identified by the sophisticated Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) technology.
TLC verification method is as accurate and reliable for identifying true herbal species as human fingerprinting.
Product: Natures Fingerprint Ginger Root
Brand: GNC (More Products)
Size: 100 Capsules
Dosage: Take 1 capsule daily.
Retail: $5.99
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5 Customer Reviews

Works for my IBS symptoms
by CandyM

I recently discovered the benefits of Natures Fingerprint Ginger Root.
It has significantly relieved my symptoms of IBS.
I will continue to purchase this.

Effective Anti-nauseant
by Anna Hazard

After seeing several studies where it's proven that ginger root is an effective anti-nauseant (even better than over-the-counter medicines), it has become a staple on our vitamin shelf, as I often suffer from air/car/sea/the-wind-blows-the-wrong-way sickness. And as I find myself suffering from less upset stomachs on trips after taking the ginger supplements than before, they do seem to be effective.

However, I've found the capsules for this particular brand of ginger pills to be large enough to cause a bit of trouble going down. I'd personally prefer taking two smaller capsules to the large one, so someone else with swallowing problems may want to shop around for other brands.

works great for nausea
by pat

Ginger Root is very good to take if you have nausea and an upset stomach. It is natural and works good if you suffer from morning sickness or stomach flu. I keep it on hand if I get the flu or indigestion. I had heard it also is good for headaches so I tried it. I found Tylenol worked faster for me.

staple in my medicine cabinet
by Mari

I've always had ginger supplements in my cabinet since my family always used it for stomach upset. I found this GNC Nature's Fingerprint version to be especially effective. I can feel it work. It actually makes my stomach feel a bit warm, and much more comfortable if I have indigestion. This is also a pretty good price, since GNC tends to run higher than other brands. This makes this one a pretty good deal. I've taken this variety for several months now and can't recommend it highly enough!

Good for Digestive tract
by R. M.

Good quality product, easy to take, and great price! I recommend it for the internal health benefits, especially if you have frequent digestive tract problems.