f Nature's Answer Ginger Root-Alcohol Free Reviews and Information

Ginger Root-Alcohol Free

Promotes Healthy Circulation & Digestion
Product: Ginger Root-Alcohol Free
Brand: Nature's Answer (More Products)
Size: 1 Fluid Oz
Dosage: Take 1/2-1mL, 3x daily
Retail: $13.99
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3 Customer Reviews

Cure for headaches!
by maryam

My husband suffers from frequent bad headaches. While the headaches aren't bad enough to really put a halt to his everyday activities, they are bad enough to cause a disruption. And he would prefer not to use too many meds for these headaches. So, our doctor suggested the use of ginger for a good effect.
While we were quite skeptical, it really did prove to be effective. Whenever one of his bad headaches hit, my husband puts a few drops of this ginger root into his tea or into a cup of soup and has it. He says the ginger root has wonderous effects and he feels almost immediate relief.
Now Nature's Answer ginger is always in our medicine cabinet. It is easy to find and in my opinion it is much easier to store than fresh ginger and works as well!

Try this externally for skin abscess/boils
by Noah H.

Although mostly used today as an internal remedy for nausea and intestinal/stomach problems, ginger is still valuable as an herbal that can be applied to the skin, either crushed, or as this product is, a liquid form. My Granny was fond of g "polices" for any type of infection and taught me how to make one......really a compress..... for boils, carbuncles, or any skin abscess. She took ginger root and mixed it with sulfur, and arsenicum or zinc for a fast acting method of bringing a boil "to a head" by placing this mixture on a clean cloth and applying to the affected area. Years later my scout leader also used a similar compress to release the infection that had set up in his leg after being bitten by a field mouse or vole while camping. His version only contained ginger, zinc, and sulfur but seemed to be just about as effective, helping to bring the infection to the surface of the skin and allowing it to drain. Now, anytime I go hiking or camping I carry this alcohol free version ( as alcohol would sting ) of liquid ginger root extract from Nature's Answer, along with a small snack sized baggy full of sulfur in case of boils, staph infections, or any skin abscess that might occur while on the trail or woods. It only takes a couple of dropper fulls, along with approximately 1 tbsp of sulfur powder, slightly moistened with boiled or bottled water, ( or even better if available....tea tree oil, which is a wonderful anti-inflammatory ) just enough to form a paste like mixture and packed into a sterile gauze pad ( like a fat bandage, sort of ) and pressed firmly onto the swelling, abscess, or boil for at least 8 hours, preferably overnight. The gauze pad may need to be changed if the discharge of pus is great, and you can reload the compress or "polices" with the mixture as needed.

ginger extract for indigestion
by L. Jones

I use this Ginger extract for indigestion and it works great! Any kind of upset stomach or digestion problem is virtually eliminated with this. Ginger is also an anti-inflammatory so I take it to help with sports injuries and a little arthritis pain that I have developed. This is one natural remedy that really works!