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The price is RIGHT!
by Jeremy P

One of the best things about this is the price. I saw this while here on and recently went out and bought it this month and have been taking it since. For the amount that you get and it's overall potency, I'd definitely say this one is a winner. It's not my overall favorite but it's definitely up there. I especially like how it's easy on my stomach and the fact that I don't seem to have to go frequently. Taking this stuff these past couple of weeks has been pretty cool, my energy is where I like it, and I'm not unfocused and bouncing around everywhere. The description the manufacturers gave is 99.7% accurate and again, I can't argue with the price. I will have to buy this stuff again after I run out.

green tea=good
by ed

I drink green tea on a regular basis, it tastes good and is loaded with antioxidants, but sometimes I don't have time to brew tea. Thats where the green tea pills come in It's not as satisfying as a cup of tea, but you get the benefits without the hassle.

Green Tea but without the time!
by Rachel

Everyone enjoys a cup of tea but some people just don't have the time all the time! This is a great alternative to if you do not have the time to make hot tea! I love taking this green tea extract pill when I don't have the time for a hot cup of tea!

A good alternative
by CN

I enjoy a good cup of green tea, but don't always have the time. This is a nice alternative since I always try to have green tea as part of my daily routine. I had never heard of the diet part of it until recently. I haven't lost weight with it, but perhaps that's because I'm not trying. But, I haven't gained either. Guess I'll stick with it!

A Good Buy
by shirley

My father has been taking this stuff faithfully for years and swears by it. Along with a healthy weight loss plan he has dropped over 50 pounds. I asked my doctor about them and he said they can be beneficial to the diet. Not a miracle pill for weight loss but because green tea has been to be beneficial for health reasons.

Assisted weight loss profits...
by Jennifer Tyler

I believe this product is a very good additive to any diet plan. If you are eating right, working out, and taking the green tea supplement daily, you will see changes. It's not gonna happen over night. You also can't expect green tea to do it all. Give it a try and take the green tea as if it's just another dialy vitamin, not a weight loss pill, and stick to your diet and exercise. In 3-6 months, check your progress. It works, believe me. Wonderful product!

by sindy

I've been taking this product for over a year now. I've never experienced nausea after taking it. I'm not too sure about the weight loss part but I have lost 15 pounds since last summer so maybe there's something to it . . . all I know is if I'm taking a vitamin, why not take one with a little extra to help out?

No weight loss for me!
by momof2

I understand that these aren't a miracle pill, but I watched my diet for 3 months , took this supplement, and did not notice any additional weight loss. I read in a magazine that Green Tea can assist in losing weight. Too bad it didn't work for me, I was really looking for something natural to assist me in my weight loss.

Didn't work for mom
by NTReviewer

My mother tried these for around 6 months and saw no noticeable effects. She tried it because of the numerous studies that have listed the benefits of green tea, but could tell no discernible difference in her health or well being. The convenience of taking green tea in a capsule instead of having to consume it cup by cup however, cannot be denied.

Green Tea to go
by Annie

This product is green tea in a capsule! It delivers the same effects of green tea as an anti-oxidant that is great for the skin! It's great for people who don't like to drink tea because it has no taste; it's just like taking a vitamin. Quick, easy and fast. Great product.

I think you should try it
by may

I was on these pills a while back. I thought they worked great. When I saw them on here I was like let me tell everybody how good they are. These pills helped me lose weight. I had a meal plan and exercise, but I really liked the result. I even have a Chinese friend who says they are fantastic. I really liked them.

Easier than Tea!
by Jody

The benefits of ingesting green tea are numerous, but for me, it's just so much easier to take these capsules rather than drink the tea (too bitter for me). I'm on my 3rd bottle now, and will continue to buy the Natrol brand. The quality can't be beat.

Better than drinking the tea!
by restonapt

I liked these supplements since they give you an easily measured dose of the green tea extracts and benefits and since I don't like drinking green tea (unless its filled with sugar and in an Arizona bottle) I prefer using the capsules.

They work
by diane post

These are the best product for feeling better and having a clearer complexion etc. I started taking these last summer and I swear I see a difference in the way i feel and look. I have had more energy and my blood oxygen level has improved by a few points after taking. I highly recommend the green tea tablets.

by Jill

I have tried drinking green tea, but have never been consistent since I don't like the taste. The capsules, although arguably not providing the same benefits as drinking the tea, come in a close second. I highly recommend the Natrol brand of green tea.

Good product
by Aubre Rice

Green Tea is so good for you and nobody in their right mind could drink enough Green Tea to reap all the benefits. This is why I love this product, it is easy to take and has a high mg dosage than other products. The price is reasonable for the amount of capsules.

Green Tea
by Michele marino

I have used this for awhile, on my second bottle now. I am on a weight loss plan and am doing well. I have tried to lose weight before and I will say I am having some extra success this time. The only thing I am doing different is taking the Green Tea, so I really think it is having a positive effect on my weight loss. Natrol is a brand I use with other supplements and I trust Natrol. They are also reasonably priced. I am going to continue to take these green tea tablets and hope to have continued success. I really believe they are giving me that extra edge

A good source of green tea
by Michele Fair

Green tea is a supplement that is a little difficult to tell whether or not it is working effectively. I have finished about half the bottle of this brand, and it seems to be doing OK. I am uncertain whether it is better or worse than any other brand out there. Maybe when I finish it all the way, I will be able to tell more of a difference.

by charity

This supplement was a last ditch resort to get the benefits of green tea without having to drink it. I suppose I am satisfied although I didn't really notice any difference. There is no unpleasant aftertaste, and it does taste better than the tea--so, all in all, a good choice.

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