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by Holly

Ginger root has been used for thousands of years by the Chinese and and Indian cultures. It is well known for relieving nausea. I have personally experienced ginger root's effectiveness on severe motion sickness.
550 mg is a therapeutic dose, although more may be taken if needed.

Holly Aglia
Certified Aromatherapist

Helps prevent stomach problems
by Glenda

Ginger root is good for promoting a healthy stomach and intestinal tract. It is good in getting rid of those impurities which lead to stomach problems. I take ginger root to help stay balanced with less stomach problems.

by Julie

I was advised by my doctor about ginger root for my morning sickness due to pregnancy. This did the trick. Whenever I felt sickness coming on, I would take this and it would help...thanks.

Prevents motion sickness
by Nams

Ginger root capsules help prevent motion sickness. When I am on a ferry and get a little sea sick, Ginger capsules help me regain my balance. Usually I take them about a half hour prior to departing and I avoid the symptoms. On long trips where I have to sit in the back of our van, I take it to avoid car sickness. For me, Ginger Root Capsules work and work well!

ginger is good for health
by renuka

Ginger root is really good for your health. It has great medicinal values. Ginger is a good medicine for colds. It is good for digestion and heart burn. I used to take regularly during my pregnancy for morning sickness. I use it when I have heart burn too.

Good for stomach pains!
by ambreen

Ginger Root is a great thing to have handy in your medicine cabinet for those stomach pains. If you ever feel nauseous or cramped, these capsules can really do wonders. I believe they work by lowering acidity in the stomach and calming it. I really prefer to take these capsules as opposed to medications because they work just as well and are all natural. And I have never had any side effects from it!

Helps Ease Morning Sickness
by Jenny C

When I was pregnant, I had the dreaded morning sickness. I tried drinking Ginger tea, but who wants to eat or drink something when you're nauseous? So, I switched to Ginger Root capsules. Much better! They helped ease my morning sickness, so I could enjoy my pregnancy more. I would definitely recommend it.

Ginger Root 550mg
by Joan Jones

We use ginger root for indigestion and also its anti-inflammatory properties. The capsules are easy to take and we take 2 after meals or any time we get indigestion. This particular capsule works great for our needs! My family always keeps this on hand as part of our natural medicine chest.

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