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Motion sickness aid
by BA

I use ginger root to alleviate my motion sickness. My family and I like to take long road trips to see various parts of the country. I love these road trips and the family togetherness it brings, but sometimes I experience motion sickness due to prolonged periods of time spent in the car. For these instances, I pack my ginger root capsules. Whenever I feel slightly queasy, I take them and my stomach settles itself relatively quickly. It is a wonderful natural motion sickness remedy.

Upset Stomach Remedy
by Paul

My bottle of Nature's Way ginger root is a bit dusty, but that's only because I use it sparingly--it's not often that I get an upset stomach. Used in conjunction with some 7-Up and a healthy nap, there's no uncomfortable stomach that a bit of ginger root can't fix. My only complaint resides in the capsules themselves. It seems that they come apart very easily, and I will often get a taste of ginger and even bile and ginger if I'm not careful. While this is often washed down with a glass of water, it's worth mentioning in the review. I would not let this point alone discourage use of Nature's Way Ginger Root.

I love this
by Rachel

I have a bottle with me always. I have been taking ginger root for about 4 years now, and I love it. I get upset stomach every so often and 100% of the time one little painless tablet helps me, always takes my nausea away. I even take it when I have morning sickness from being pregnant and it works wonders. I will absolutely recommend this product to anyone even thinking about it. it's worth every penny and even more, it's gold!

No More Antacids
by Naomi Hughes

A daily ginger supplement has almost entirely resolved our family's digestive woes. My husband used to run to the cabinet for an OTC antacid after a spicy or heavy meal or refrain from suspect foods altogether. Now, he's comfortable at mealtimes and free to eat just about anything.

Good for digestive problems.
by SP

My husband uses this ginger root to treat his stomach problems. It gives instant relief and helped him in improving his digestive health. In my opinion it is an excellent product for the entire family to treat digestive problems.

Very helpful.
by Jessica

When I travel, I normally have to stock my own water supply or else my stomach starts churning. This product allows me to go freely from place to place without my own stock of water bottles. A load off my mind and a pleasure in my stomach. I always grab this when I'm setting up to travel.

Immune Support
by jen

I have used this product by Nature's Way for years. It calmed my morning sickness during two pregnancies and I take it daily now for the immune system benefits. I try to add a few doses per week to my kids daily vitamins during the winter to help stave off colds!

A great way to stay healthy for the whole family!

Supports a Healthy Immune System & Aids in Digestion
by Lori Ann Hull

We use a lot of Nature's Way products and this is one the entire family can use. In addition to ginger root tea, you can take this supplement almost daily to improve your digestive health.

Also great if you are traveling and the change in water types causes stomach upset. Thumbs up from this Family!

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