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Not For Everyone
by A. Rush

My husband took this product for months and saw no change. He was extremely disappointed due that it came highly recommended from a very close and reliable friend. Definitely, this product is not for everyone.

Seems Like a Placebo Effect
by Brandon

I personally have been taking Ginkgo Biloba for two months and I have not seen any significant difference in my brain function. Upon reading other reviews, it seems like you need to be taking this product for a long time before it kicks in, but I don't feel any different from the day I started.

It seems as though people want to feel better brain function, and so they get a placebo effect from this supplement. I am a bit skeptical about it, which may be why it doesn't work. I am going to try some piracetam next to see if that has any effect, but for now I can't justifiably recommend this product.

Time is of the essence.
by Sharon Rose

Let me begin this by saying, I am not a patient person at all. I rush everything. I set my dishwasher to begin on 'energy saver', not to save money, but because I know it will knock 5 minutes off the process. If I call someone and they tell me they will call me back, I will call them back in 10 minutes regardless. I do not like waiting, I like results and I like them instantly.
So, when I was telling my mother about my concentration problems at work, and she suggested I try Ginkgo Biloba. I was hesitant, especially when she told me that I would have to take it over time to see results.
I finally decided to try though, forcing myself and making it a habit, and honestly the results are great. I work in a high-stress office where people are constantly in and out, arguing over the phone, and meeting with people. It can be hard to concentrate while stuck in the middle of all of this. Now I definitely have more will to concentrate, and I do not lose track of my thoughts as quickly. I will continue to use this product.

This Product Is Great
by marilyn hicks

While my husband and I were living in Florida quite a few years ago, my husband made a mistake in taking his medications. He became unconscious and then slipped into a coma for about 15 hrs. When he was released from the hospital, he was very child-like for a while. I had to read things to him. All the doctor said was that these things take time. They said to be patient.

I worked at a department store and one day, I was talking to my husband over the phone, then had to hang up and take care of the customer. She asked if I was talking to my son! I said, "No, my husband". I told her the story and she recommended that I start him on this product. Well, my husband was resistant and was sure it wouldn't work, but he agreed to try it. Well, it took a bit of time and a lot of patience on both our parts, but I am very happy to report that gradually his brain function got back to normal finally. From our experience with it, I can only say that it really did help him and I would recommend it to anyone who may have some problems already with memory. He was taking the 120 mg at that time. He now takes the 60 mg and is still doing just fine.

Worked for me too
by SierraK

Although I wasn't having any particular problems with memory, I decided to try Ginko Biloba when taking some continuing education classes to see if my scores would improve from the past year's classes.
I made sure to start taking it well before the classes started to give it enough time to build up, a good idea when taking any herb or food-based supplements. Well what can I say except that it worked? My scores were indeed a bit better. Last year's scores were good too, but every student always wants to do better and every little bit helps!

Worked for Me
by Christy Ward

When I started respiratory school, I had a hard time taking tests, I seemed to run a blank. A friend, who was in class with me, took Ginkgo Biloba from Natrol. I started using it just after she told me about it. It took about 3 weeks for me to notice a difference but my grades improved dramatically. I was able to concentrate on my notes better and I was able to retain more information. Although, I do not continue to take, it I would recommend it. Remember it will not start working overnight, takes time build up in your system.

What I learned
by Tammy Soulliere

Nothing is instantaneous! I have been supplementing my diet with Ginko for many years and for me I hardly ever use "pen and paper" to jot things down. I have more clarity and mental sharpness then ever before! Thank you.

Ginkgo Biloba 120 mg
by holly wilson

I didn't notice any change with this product. I only tried this brand after a recommendation from my friend who swears by it, but for me it did nothing. I felt as if I was taking sugar pills since it made no difference. I think money would be spent better on other products.

Grandma raves about it
by Niki Hause

My grandma was a firm believer of ginko biloba, and she was the one who turned me on to it in the first place. I personally never could tell if it was indeed increasing my brain capacity. My grandma swore that her memory was awful without it it, but for me a young vibrant woman, I could not see a difference at all between taking it and not taking it. Yet, I did only take it for one month. I probably should have tried it a bit longer, but since I saw no immediate effect, I figured my money was better spent elsewhere. I didn't tell my grandma!

To think or not to think
by R. Todd Woodstock

I really noticed no difference with this Ginkgo Biloba in comparison with other brands I have used. The only reason I had tried this brand was because it was on sale; however, there was no indication that my memory was increased at all.

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