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use it all the time
by eneida

I use this nature made product along with my other vitamins. I see a difference.

ginkgo biloba
by carmanmm

I love this stuff, I was always feeling sluggish doc wouldn't do anything, this has helped me feel alert and I can remember more.

Pretty good
by cooldan1

I have heard a lot about these before I tried them. It was used by many people that I knew and had recommended it to me. It works very well as it is advertised, and has helped my memory greatly. The effects are endless. You can really feel the difference. They are easy to take and give you a better memory.

by Destiny

I remember when I was little my grandparents used to always mix the Ginkgo Bilboa with their carrot juice. Honestly, I think it kept them living longer. I have picked up their habits and take one tablet twice a day. Natures Bounty is one name you can definitely trust!

I would recommend
by Samantha

Throughout grad school, I would take Ginkgo to keep alert and assist my memory, especially during exam time. After about two weeks, I really believe I noticed a slight improvement in recall. The pills were small and easy to take. There are often sales on this product also.

Helps, but check with doctor
by Lori Solomon

My neurologist had me take this a few years ago to help with my fibromyalgia. It did seem to clear things up and help me remember better, but I had to stop taking it when I went on a medication that it could interfere with. There are a few interactions, so make sure you run this one past your doc or pharmacist if you are on medication. I'd use it again if I could.

Placebo effect?
by Novocaine

I've heard about the benefits of Ginkgo Biloba before and I decided to take the plunge and buy one when I went to Walgreen's.
I did not see any clear benefits from the supplements, but I've never had trouble focusing so I suppose it would be hard to check the enhancing powers of this supplement.
However, one effect I did notice after taking these is that I did have an easier time waking up in the morning and felt clear headed upon waking up.
Other than that, I did not see any boost in my concentration powers. I decided not to keep taking them however as I didn't feel the cost justified the needs.

Ginkgo helps mental alertness
by littlecat

My ex-husband has a rather high-profile position with the government, he was always staying up late, working on different computer programs, he would always get headaches. He tried the Ginkgo, and not only did the headaches go away, he said he felt he had much better concentration. That was 9 years ago, he still takes it, and swears by it.

Ginkgo Biloba 60 Mg
by Liliana

This product is fantastic because it works wonders. I take it daily. I was really tired and drowsy, and then I decided to buy a pack. When I began to use this supplement it gave me more energy and I felt very strong. Also it increased my mental function. I think that you have to try it and you will get wonderful results.

by Julie

This supplement works wonders!! I did not have any side-effects. This product does the job. I noticed a difference in my mental and physcial energy right away. I was able to perform more tasks throughout the day and sleep better at night while taking this product.

by toddm

I had trouble focusing at work. I started taking this Ginko and within a week I was sharp as a hawk remembering all my tasks. I will continue to use this product!

Makes a difference....
by Jennifer Tyler

I took this product for a total of 6 months while working night shift as a security guard. Those long nights were boring, therefore I was really easily tired and drowsy. Lost interest in my surroundings pretty easily. So I was told to try these. I bought a pack of 2 at the local gas station and tried them. Nothing too astounding the first night, but I decided to try them again. I started feeling a little more upbeat and able to concentrate without the tiredness I had previously experienced. I then continued to purchase them from then on out and loved them. I think they may affect everyone differently, but you have to try them in order to get results.

I love it.
by Stephan Gi Won Yoon

As a supplement fanatic, this is one of the many supplements I take on a daily basis. I can vouch that it does indeed improve mental function. I felt I could get through my college day better after taking this product. I also felt that it has helped me perform better sexually. As far as energy goes, I believe in improving mental function, it has thus given me energy to focus throughout the day. I wouldn't dare experiment as to how I would live without this product! I love it.

Good Product for the Price
by Melissa Martinez

This product is not a cure-all for Alzheimer's or anything but I used this on my grandma when she was in the 1st stages and it did help jar her memory for awhile. It does take at least 2-3 weeks of constant use to see results, so you have to be patient. There is no instant gratification here, but it will work with time.

by JJ

I worked 3rd shift and I would stop at the gas station and buy a packet of ginseng for $1 something for two tablets. I took that for concentration. I came across this and thought if it worked, it would be well worth the $15. I tried it and it was much better than the ginseng. I was accurately completing my job with no mistakes. I love this product!!!

It's alright
by Darla

I took this product for about 6 months and did not notice a difference but I guess it depends on the person. The price is very affordable and if you want to try it out it would not cost a lot to do so.

by Brian R.

I noticed some great benefits from taking Ginko Biloba. One was that I could focus a little better on tasks, and seemed to be a bit more organized. Another was that I felt more energized, and could move around without feeling lethargic. Overall a great product and highly recommended for anyone that has problems concentrating.

Helped Mom's memory
by NTReviewer

My mother takes this 60mg product to help her memory and focus. She stresses the importance of taking it religiously and truly believes that it has helped her memory. The cap is easy on her arthritic fingers and she has noticed no lingering aftertaste. Results are not immediate however, but she noticed a change after a few months.

Very Helpful Product
by Nihility

Ginko Biloba by Natures Bounty is great for the price. It definitely helped me with mental clarity and with moodiness as well. It does take a couple of months to notice differences, however, since you have to take it every day continuously to let it build in your system.

Placebo Effect and Constipation
by Christa

It's possible that this product works for some - I took it for about two weeks but was eventually forced to stop (even though I really wanted to feel those claimed positive effects on my memory and brain activity) - I formed a gassy, bloated condition which I later found was due to severe constipation that is (at least in part) brought on by large amounts of Gingko Biloba. I did not see any effects on circulation either. I do not recommend this product.

Cold hands?
by Cathy Weaver

I started using Ginkgo Biloba just a couple of years ago. I had found myself not being able to recall information that would of been "right there" in the past. Now it isn't nearly as bad.

Ginkgo Biloba has also helped with my cold hands and feet. As I have aged, my circulation isn't what it used to be and I firmly believe Ginkgo Biloba has helped in this regard. I trust Nature's Bounty products to be pure and to deliver the dose stated.

It works!
by Maryann Virack

I have been using Ginkgo from this supplier for years. I am 60 years old and I wouldn't be without it. As a teacher, I need to be sharp and "with it". I heartily recommend this product.

Whats that?
by Adam Paul

That's what I used to say before I started taking this stuff. My memory was horrible. In college, my grades went from about a 2.25 GPA to a 3.5 GPA in one semester. This stuff is the key to spectacular memory

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