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Memory helper
by BA

Ginkgo Biloba is a great product to aid memory function. Prior to taking it, I kept forgetting where I left things or would think that I hadn't done certain errands even though I had done them earlier that very same day. My memory was deteriorating and ginkgo biloba was recommended to me my long-time neighbor. It is a wonderful product that I take only once a day with my breakfast. My neighbor told me he has taken it everyday for almost five years with wonderful results. He says his mind is sharper and he often remembers things that his kids even forget. I have been taking it for a few months and do notice that I am forgetting things less frequently. Great product.

Dry eye relief
by Paul

I'm constantly losing something everyday like my wallet, cell phone, watch, etc. I take this daily and I can't say that it helps any with memory. Maybe I'm too far gone! But an additional benefit is that it relieves my dry eyes a bit. My physician recommended it for dry eyes and combined with vitamin A and some eye drops/gels, I'm starting to feel a little better. So it works for me sort of. Now where did I put my keys??

It helped me
by Anne

I was tired of forgetting why I went into a room and having to retrace my steps to jog my memory. We all have these little forgetful moments when we are too busy with lots of things on our minds. I read that Ginkgo Biloba was supposed to increase blood circulation to the brain and other parts of the body. So I started taking these to see if it worked. I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first, but after 6 weeks I seemed to notice a big improvement. I still have some trouble sometimes with doing too much at once and forgetting what I wanted in the kitchen but I am going to stick with this brand. Just the other day there was a doctor on a talk show and he said Ginkgo Biloba also increased blood circulation in our sexual organs as well. That was enough to get my husband interested in taking them too.

What happened
by Jeremy P

I am usually a fan of Puritan's pills. However, I doubt this stuff works regardless of what brand it falls under. I tried it once as a dare and felt absolutely no difference. I don't really suffer from any real memory lapse, but have trouble concentrating when there's a lot going on. Perhaps one day in the future I'll try this stuff again, but I don't have any high expectations.

I think it actually worked a little
by ihscav99

I've noticed that lately I've had some problems memorizing things for school, so I thought I'd give ginkgo a try. I took one pill a day for 4 months and although I can't say my school work improved, I do feel like I don't forget little things day to day as much. These weren't the most pleasant things to take though, in terms of taste/smell.

Great Product - Great Price
by Amie

I am a huge fan of Puritans Pride - great deals. I started taking Ginkgo Biloba when my Mom suggested it for my memory problems. I think it helps improve my memory. In addition, it is recommended for improved circulation. I don't think I have any circulation problems, but it is an added benefit!

Remarkable product
by jud655

I have two problems that required I seek supplements. Along with being a Senior Citizen and the "normal" aging aliments, I have restless leg syndrome and PAD. I have tried others, but consistently return to this product as the overall effects for me are postive. My focus and alertness improved, it seemed, overnight. I find the episodes of nightly leg cramps and constant "tingling" in my legs have ceased. The price and convenence of ordering are a plus.

Ginkgo Biloba
by Samantha Feuss

We use Puritan's Pride for almost all of our supplements. We like them because they are competitively priced and are easy to order. Picking them up at our door is MUCH faster then going to health stores!
It is also great that you do not need to take as many pills per day as other brands require.
My family has history of Alzheimer's disease, so I have been taking Ginkgo Biloba since I was a teenager to help reduce my risk. Now my husband takes it as well, both as a preventative and also to improve memory. We love this brand.

Another Great Puritan Pride Product!
by Loveit9050

I love this product. Not only does it help improve memory, but it also helps with those who have circulation problems in the arms and legs.

A Supplement that makes SENSE!
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

I love this brand of Gingko Biloba. I like that it is standardized and it makes sense for them to make it so that many of the people who take it for memory issues only need to do so ONCE a day and enjoy effective results!

My young adult son, who needed adhd medication through his middle and high school years in order to concentrate in school and still struggled, lost that prescription once he turned 18. There were still things in his life he was concerned about; his focus and concentrations and so on, and I suggested he try this. After only 1 week, (he takes 2 pills) he told me he believes it helps him as much, if not more, than his prescription! I am SO HAPPY for him and without the side effects to. I am NOT saying this would be the answer for all such cases and prescriptions DO have their place for some, but for my son, this was the answer.

I used to take other brands, which were fine, but I take these too now, and they are my favorite as well.

Everything about this brand and this supplement makes sense to us.

Not my usual brand, but . . .
by R. Todd Woodstock

This wasn't my normal brand of Ginkgo; however, I was impressed with the results. I used this for one month until my normal brand was back on the supermarket shelf with great results. The only difference I had noticed between my normal brand and Nature's Made is the price. I'm always trying to look for a deal.

I can Remember!
by Sherry Ward

As we age, putting things up and forgetting where they are gets frustrating. Now that I have used Ginkgo Biloba for a couple of weeks - my memory has sharpened beyond my belief. I can remember people's names, phone numbers, etc.

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