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Not bad
by Adam

I recently added Ginko to my supplements, but found that I did not notice anything from taking the 60 mg. Once I upped the dosage, I could tell that my awareness was increased and I would seldom forget things. So, if you buy this product and do not feel any changes, try the 120 mg variety.
I've used Vitamin Shoppe brand supplements for several years and have always been pleased with their quality and prices.

Preserve memory
by George

I take a tablet of Ginkgo Biloba Extract every day to help keep me on top of everything. Ever since I noticed myself starting to forget things, I started to take this and haven't regreted it. The price was also appealing.

It works gret!
by Tina

Since I have started taking this Ginkgo suppliment, I feel sharper and I am more attentive. I have to write down less notes all over the house! I love the Vitamin Shoppe brand too because they are high quality items at reasonable prices. I feel that this is a good value product!

by Brian

I forget why I like Ginkgo Biloba so much – oh yeah, because it keeps you sharp. An ancient remedy that’s been around thousands of years, it’s used to aid your memory and thought processes, and I think it’s done both for me. A relative of mine with early-stage Alzheimer’s is also using it, and so far so good there. This brand is inexpensive and potent.

Ginkgo Biloba extract 60mg
by Tonya

I read an article in a magazine about how Ginkgo Biloba Extract is known to help restore libido in women. It also claims to enhance desire, increase lubrication, orgasm, and resolution. I gave it a try to see if it worked. I think that it worked too well. When I take it I am extremely in the mood.

Double Dose
by Annalisa

Notice that this is a double dose of Ginkgo Biloba, compared to other doses, so it makes up for the expensive price. :) I love this stuff and have been taking it for almost a year now. I've seen a lot of improvement in my concentration and my short term memory. Recommended!

Ginko helps concentration
by L. Jones

I take Ginkgo every morning because I am a college student and wanted help with focus and concentration. Sometimes I don't get enough sleep when I'm up late studying and taking Ginkgo seems to keep me more mentally alert the next day. I like Vitamin Shoppe brand products too as they seem to have great quality. We have a retail outlet in my town and I love shopping there.
They also give you a point for every dollar you spend and at the end of the year, vitamin shoppe gives you a gift certificate depending on how much you've spent.

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