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MiracleBurn is comprised of some of the most exciting and talked about natural ingredients associated with helping people lose weight. These various ingredients work together in different ways to help you achieve your goals by helping to control your appetite, increasing your metabolic rate, and burning fat…in conjunction with exercise and a sensible diet of course.

The herbs that make up MiracleBurn are grown by the top growers that produce the highest quality ingredients. These herbs are extremely expensive because of the extreme care that went into growing them. The difference is in the way they feel.

The proprietary MiracleBurn manufacturing process uses only herbal extracts that are concentrated many times their normal strength.

MiracleBurn contains Hoodia which tells your brain you are full. Hoodia is generating a great deal of excitement because of its apparent ability to control appetite. It contains an active constituent called "P57," which is a molecule that tells your brain it feels full. The P57 molecule is estimated to be up to 10,000 times as active as glucose in sending the signal to the brain that tells your body it is not hungry. A CBS 60 Minute Special reported, “Imagine not being hungry all day without feeling the negative side effects typical of diet pills, like a racing heart or queasy stomach. The amazing Hoodia makes its appearance in the USA."

A British pharmaceutical firm has licensed the rights from the South African government to market Hoodia. The CEO of this firm explains: “There is a part of your brain, [called] the hypothalamus. Within that mid-brain there are nerve cells that sense glucose sugar. When you eat, blood sugar goes up because of the food, these cells start firing and now you are full. What the Hoodia seems to contain is a molecule that is about 10,000 times as active as glucose. It goes to the mid-brain and actually makes those nerve cells fire as if you were full. But you have not eaten. Nor do you want to.”

This firm conducted a two-week, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study to evaluate the effects of P57 on overweight individuals. The study found that there was a significant reduction in calorie intake as well as a drop in body fat content in the active group compared to the placebo group. No side effects were reported.
Product: MiracleBurn
Brand: Excell Now, LLC (More Products)
Size: 30 Capsules
Dosage: 1 Capsule
Retail: $44.99
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