f Gaia Herbs Kava Kava Root-2 oz Reviews and Information

Kava Kava Root-2 oz

Supports Normal Relaxation from Tension Brought on by Daily Stress

Promotes Muscular and Nerve Relaxation

Encourages a Sense of Emotional Well Being
Product: Kava Kava Root-2 oz
Brand: Gaia Herbs (More Products)
Size: 2 Fluid Ounces
Dosage: Take 20-30 drops 3 times daily.
Retail: $24.99
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5 Customer Reviews

Better than a drink or Cig after stressful classes and lab work!
by Stephanie

I am a pre-med student, very interested in holistic remedies, and I have been taking kava in the afternoon to help me relax after stressful classes. It has been a very effective way to relax instead of drinking a beer or smoking a cigarette. From what I have researched, it seems very safe. It's an acquired taste, but a couple drops aren't bad, and its my new favorite feel-good tonic!

Also great for restful sleep
by Ecclescake

I find that melatonin is usually enough to help me get to sleep, but sometimes I'm just too nervous or stressed out for it to work. Then I turn to kava kava, which really calms and soothes me so I can drop off to sleep like a baby. I prefer this tincture because I don't like to swallow pills.

Great for anxiety, depression
by Terra

3 years ago, I got off my medication for depression because I hated the way it made me feel. (I was on Paxil). Getting off the drug was a process in itself, and after, Kava Kava really helped. This genuinely helps you to relax. I have tried St. Johns Wort, and feel that Kava is really what helped me in dealing with my depression.

Instant Relaxation
by Carrie Russell

I carry this little bottle around in my bag, and when life gets the best of me & I need to be rescued, I just put a dropperful under my tongue. Instant Calm, Instant Relaxation, Aaaahhhhh!

*Careful, putting it directly under your tongue will BURN, but it's worth it!

Even better than caps
by Adam Paul

If you need an instant relaxation boost add this form of Kava to your tea or coffee, works as good as caps but quicker

1 Customer Opinions

this brand is great
by best brand

i have the liquid filled caps by this brand which are also great but this is a great product for stress relief in a hurry!