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Pharma Kava

Kava Kava is used to help reduce normal anxiety without impairing mental function. It may help promote more restful sleep in those struggling with occasional restlessness. Plus, it may help relax muscles.
Product: Pharma Kava
Brand: Herb Pharm (More Products)
Size: 1 fl oz
Dosage: Take 30-40 drops 2-4 times daily
Retail: $13.50
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5 Customer Reviews

Kava works for me
by Jackie

I've taken Pharma Kava for over a year. I don't take as much as I did at first because I don't need it. Now take it only once a day. I've read the info. about liver damage and choose to continue. In comparison to taking prescription drugs & their side effects I will stick with Pharma Kava. It is a little pricey but my health is more important than money. Pharma Kava was recommended to me by the local health food store which by the way is located in a drug store / pharmacy. Strange but it works for all of us. Thank you Pharma Kave for using the best ingredients. Tip: the clerk suggested if I was concerned with the liver damage warnings to drink 8oz. of water with a small amount of lemon juice each AM before breakfast to cleanse the liver. Hope this is good info. for someone. Thank you again, Jackie

College Student
by Brittany

I suffered from extreme anxiety and headaches. I used to take over the counter medicine daily and wanted a more natural remedy. My Mom bought me this in tablets and it has worked like a dream!!

Works Great as a destressor or to help sleep
by Tami

I use it at night to unwind after a long day. My
son (19 yrs old uses it to sleep. Mix it with a little water ..It tastes horrible.
For fast results -- suck it up --and put a half dropper under the tongue then chase with juice or water.
Instant -CHILL DROPS....

Kava: Disappointing
by Justin

My original experience with kava involved buying a box of Yogi brand "Stress Relief" kava tea, thinking that it was prepared with kava root. Instead of being a tea made from the root, it was made primarily from a propriety blend of spicy herbs, with a small amount of kava extract. While the tea had a pleasant flavor, I experienced none of the expected anxiolytic or calming effects.

I later read that heat destroys the active compound in the kava. The tea called for boiling water. Thinking that the primary lack of efficacy was from inadequate dosage and destruction of the extract by heat, I decided to buy a bottle of kava extract from a local health food store. The price was stiff for a college student, but I had confidence, or at least hope born of desperation, that the standardized extract would be effective.

The extract creates a cooling/numbing sensation in the mouth, although it is not at all unpleasant. I tried the extract on numerous occasions, starting with the recommended dose and then increasing it, but noticed nothing. I do not even suspect that the placebo effect was involved. I had high expectations for the extract, and was let down.

To backtrack a little bit, I was interested in kava because I have a tendency to be uncomfortable in social situations, such as class. I also tend to be rather introverted, and keep to myself. I thought kava might help me lean towards sociability to a greater degree, or at least take the edge off of the anxiety.

The final time I took the extract, I took a large dose, not expecting anything but willing to try it given that there were no obvious side effects with previous use. That night, I attempted to drive to an individual's house who I had not visited before. It was dark and rainy, and I was unable to find the location, but I remained in relatively good spirits despite being completely lost and without a cell phone. When I finally made it back to my own apartment, I had given up on finding the friend's house, but I talked to different friend online who was with another friend in the 24-hour computer lab on campus. I decided to go hang out, and was there for a few hours. None of this may sound extraordinary, but for me both of these activities were out of the ordinary. However, one confounding factor is that this occurred at the end of the semester: I had no homework to work on or to worry about.

Conclusion: Pharma kava did not live up to my hopes and expectations. It may have provided a slight effect at a higher dose; however, if so, it was subtle. Nothing obvious, dramatic, or unquestionably an effect of the extract. It was not worth the price, and I will not buy it again. Were it to be freely available (i.e., completely free), I might try a high dose again out of curiosity.

This said, I have since purchased half a pound of kava root, as I have read that the extract lacks certain compounds found in the root which contribute to its desirable effects. I have not tried the root powder yet.

Pharma Kava tastes like sh** but
by Chorizo

I finally decided to do something about the mood swings and anxiety I had been having and don't want to go to a doctor for it for whatever reason. Anyway, my mother was in town for my baby's first birthday party, and I was more stressed than usual, so I thouroughly researched Kava Kava and found this at a local health foods store. I took more than the recommended dose at first and it did calm me down for about an hour but after that I felt vaguely like I needed to sleep off a hangover. I then took it only as reccommended for the next few days and it almost completley took care of my irritability and allowed me to relax, though the effects only really last about an hour, I felt okay for a few days. I was CALM, but started to feel depressed so I stopped taking it, but it's good also on an as needed basis, the liver damage thing scares me too. It also took away the daily headaches I had as a result of hormonal birth control. I'd reccommend it to someone who is irritable, stressed or anxious, it works alright