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rest and relaxtion
by casey

I was having problems resting at night and kava kava help ease my mind and rest well throught the night.

by cynthia

My Mom recently started taking this product by advice of her doctor she has been seeing for accupuncture. My Mom has been under alot of stress being the primary caregiver of my Dad. She takes it twice a day. So far it seems to have helped reduce the stress she has been feeling with NO side effects. Glad to find something non prescription and Natural.

It works
by Dustin

My sister has been using Kava as an herbal supplement for the past 2 years. She swears by it and I certainly have noticed her being able to manage her stress better than before. I have heard of potential dangers, but this may be because they consume much more than 200mg in some parts of the world and that can lead to potential liver problems. If stress is overwhelming that can be extremely damaging to your health and you might want to give this a try.

Not of Much Help
by Barb Fleming

Always in pursuit of natural remedies to reduce stress, I did try this, used it for a month. The results were disappointingly minimal, but maybe I am just that high anxiety, I know it helps others. Tried it in capsules, in teas too, did not taste too good in teas, so I would say OK for others, not for me

Didn't help me much.
by Dee

Kava-Kava was one of many natural supplements I tried in my quest for relief from stress and insomnia. In doses of 200-300 mg, I could barely tell I had taken anything. It gave me a very mild relaxed feeling, but not nearly enough to make me sleep.

The first negative thing I noticed was that the effects didn't seem to stick with me. After a week or so, it just wasn't doing anything at all anymore.

Then I started hearing about the potential for severe liver toxicity, and that it had even been banned in several countries. That was enough to convince me that the risks exceeded the benefits.

My opinion is that there are a lot of other more effective and safe natural calming supplements.

Much Safer than a Lot of Prescription Drugs
by Lori Ann Hull

I'm familiar with a lot of the studies that have been done concerning the side effects of the use of Kava-Kava over an extended period of time. However, if you check with your Family Doctor first and carefully monitor your use, you will see results.

I have used it off and on for years when the inevitable stress that life deals us becomes a bit too much to handle. I prefer Kava-Kava to the idea of taking prescription anti-anxiety medications. Again, check with your Doctor and make sure it is suitable for you.

Good for Stress
by Sarah D.

One of my co-workers was in an almost constant state of stress for several weeks. Another co-worker recommended kava to her for its calming effects. It worked like a charm for this person, taking the edge off her anxiety and allowing her to handle the pressure better. She stopped taking it when the stressful situation was resolved, simply because she no longer needed it. Considering the information about side effects that has come to light in the meantime, I would still consider kava but to be used sparingly and only for a short time.
Probably no brand is better or worse when it comes to side effects but I prefer this brand for it's overall quality.

Calming with a Caution
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

A friend of mine was considering trying this for anxiety/stress because her coworker told her about it and how much it was helping them.

I DO believe it was helpful to my friend's coworker and others I know have shared how it's been helpful to them as well.

I advised my friend to talk to her medical doctor first. She was already on an antianxiety prescription, but she was thinking it would be nice to gradually switch over to an all natural supplement instead. What she didn't know, is that combining Kava Kava with prescription anti anxiety meds can be dangerous. Even weaning off one, WHILE going onto the other at the same time. Plus, you shouldn't change your medication without discussing it with your doctor first, anyway.

Kava Kava IS a helpful supplement and this is the brand my friend's coworker liked and used.

I find myself having to remind clients and friends often that health supplements are a medicine/drug too and can have side effects, as well as benefits.

So, I say O.K. to Kava Kava with this Caution attached.

relax. . .
by JW

When I was having pretty bad anxiety attacks in crowds, I started taking this. Read later you shouldn't take it all the time because it can have some sinister side effects, but the two months or so I did take it, it was great. No anxiety, and I got a lot done that I couldn't have done otherwise.

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by Cameron

Great product for lowering blood pressure and helping with arthritis.

by beth

I just found out that liver toxicity only happens when the manufacturer uses other parts of the plant other than the root - which is why I would suggest using a high quality grade kava and making sure it contains kavalactones...many companies are vague in their descriptions, so it's best to go with the ones that use a % and the words root + kavalactones.
Hope this helps - seems to me natrol lists a %, so that' good for me. Have not tried it yet, but might if I can find out if they use ONLY THE ROOT...does anyone else know about this?

Billing Specialist
by Norma

I just started taking this product and so far I have not noticed a reduction in my stress level. I'm wondering if it needs time to build up in my body before I can begin to feel the effects. I chose this product because it is all natural and for those worried about toxicity. Do not drink alcohol while using this product.