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Zero Nicotine

Zero Nicotine is an innovative cessation aid designed to help you give up smoking safely and naturally.

If you are serious about your decision to quit smoking, you’ve come to the right place! With its unique blend of ingredients, Zero Nicotine offers you the best possible chance to finally kick the habit for good!


Each time you puff on a cigarette, you introduce not only nicotine (a drug) into your body, but also hundreds of other toxic chemicals and carcinogens (some that can kill insects on contact, others that are used to embalm dead bodies).

You probably know that cigarette smoking is harmful to your health, increasing your risk for heart disease, lung cancer, and stroke, but did you know that cigarette smoking is one of the main killers in the world? According to the Center for Disease Control, cigarette smoking remains the leading preventable cause of death, accounting for approximately 1 of every 5 deaths (440,000 people) in the United States each year (2003).

Why then do so many people still smoke? Nicotine is the substance responsible for fooling your brain into releasing a “pleasure” chemical called dopamine.

Nicotine receptors on your nerve endings receive the dopamine and create “happy” nerve cells.
The dopamine gives you a false sense of well-being and soon the body wants more and more on a regular basis.

This is the beginning of the physical addiction.
ZERO NICOTINE’s amazing formula safely mimics the properties of nicotine.
It acts on the “nicotine receptors” in your body and effectively fools it into thinking it’s getting more nicotine, while keeping you calm and relaxed during nicotine withdrawal.
ZERO NICOTINE will help you quit smoking for life, forever.

ZERO NICOTINE Patch fights the three major factors that inhibit smoking cessation efforts:

1) Nicotine addiction
2) Withdrawal symptoms
3) Nicotine intoxication
Product: Zero Nicotine
Brand: Online Future Inc. (More Products)
Size: 10 Patches
Dosage: 1 patch per 3 days
Retail: $34.95
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1 Customer Reviews

Zero Nicotine Review
by Gail from Fort Worth, TX

I am really impressed with this product. I like the fact that the product contains zero nicotine unlike other products I have tried which were just feeding my body more nicotine. This has really made a difference for me and I thank you for that.