f Puritan's Pride Licorice Root 420 mg Reviews and Information

Licorice Root 420 mg

Licorice has a long and varied record of uses. It was and remains one of the most important herbs in traditional Chinese medicine.
Product: Licorice Root 420 mg
Brand: Puritan's Pride (More Products)
Size: 100 Capsules
Dosage: Take 1-4 capsules three times daily.
Retail: $8.45
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4 Customer Reviews

Detoxify the liver but also reduces phlegm in the lungs
by Noah H.

Licorice root is a traditional Chinese herb used mainly for detoxification of the liver and pancreas. It has a following recently of those who use it to cleanse the liver after drug overdose or exposure to or ingestion of toxic chemicals, and new research shows it to be useful for many other conditions, as well. Recommended to me by an herbalist as a way to treat a inflammatory reaction to a common household antibacterial spray, I used with no side effects and felt it did help to get rid of the offending substance I had absorbed, and was worried had damaged my liver. I use it myself now regularly, along with a Dong Quai supplement, also from Puritan's Pride, to help reduce inflammation in the lungs and bronchial tubes. Being mildly asthmatic, I often experience a build up of phlegm in my lungs when exposed to allergens or come down with a chest cold. Licorice root seems to reduce the inflammation and help open my bronchial tubes really well. Most homeopathic lung health supplements contain this root along with a variety of other herbals, however many contain almonds, which is prone to trigger allergic reactions, or hoelen, which is hard on my stomach. The Puritan's Pride brand of Licorice Root is my favorite and one I prefer, as it allows me to take a single capsule a few times a day, as only one herb, and then add additional herbs separately so as to avoid problems with reactions to additional ingredients. I would give it a high rating for it's ability to reduce my congestion, as well as being very useful as a liver/pancreas detox.

by Jessica

I tried this after looking for an alternative to liquid licorice root products. I love it. It gives me the same great benefits, but without the taste. Love it and will buy again next time I detoxify.

Supports Healthy Liver function!
by Lori Ann Hull

We use a number of products from the Puritan Pride product line both because of the high quality and the great value. Currently we are taking a combination of milk thistle and licorice root to help cleanse and detoxify our liver and digestive systems.

You will be delighted with the way you feel after only a few weeks! Thumbs up from this Family!

Licroice Root a Great Tonic
by Patty

Licorice root certainly has a respectable reputation in Chinese medicine and now, in alternative medicine in the West as well. I have used this particular product because Puritan's Pride is a respectable name in health and wellness and they sell herb supplements that are effective.

Not only can licorice root be used in liver-cleansing tonics, it can be taken easily and quickly as a
supplement from Puritian's Pride, and you don't have to wait for the detoxing. You don't have to wait for the licorice and other herbs to brew with tea for weeks. You can get quicker action that works, without as much effort. I highly recommend this product.

Thanks, Puritan's Pride!