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High Cholesterol Helper
by Jasams

I started taking this supplement when my good and bad cholesterol levels were so high the doctor couldn't distinguish between the good and bad lipids. The doctor was concerned about a fatty liver too. My mother-in-law recommended taking Milk Thistle along with my prescription medication. I've been taking it for two years and my bad cholesterol has come down and my liver is in good shape too.

Although this particular brand was recommended to me, it does have a good price and I can get it at the same pharmacy I purchase my prescription medication.

Taking testosterone supplments? This is a must
by JH

When I am supplementing my diet with testosterone precursors such as tribulus that are taken orally, I make sure to have Milk Thistle in my diet. Supplements such as tribulus that are ingested orally pass through the liver and can have a harmful effect, so add milk thistle to combat the side effects. The Nature's Way milk thistle is priced affordably and available at most vitamin stores that I have visited.

Feeling Great from the Inside Out!
by Lori Ann Hull

Once I turned 40, I noticed a drastic dip in my overall sense of wellbeing on a daily basis. After extensive reading, I discovered that regardless of how healthy you eat, the artificial ingredients and pesticides we ingest in our diet build up in your body and specifically your liver. Milk thistle is an excellent and all natural way to gently cleanse your body and help you to recover your energy levels. Thumbs up from this Family!

Highly Respected Supplement
by Robert Kleine

I've been taking this for over two years now. I feel wonderful! While it is sometimes difficult to attribute this to a specific source, it certainly seems to be working for me.
Add to that the "Nature's Way" respected name and the fact that almost every guide recommends Milk Thistle as a legitimate supplement (including the Mayo Clinic!).

Miracle Cures
by Nancy P

I first learned about Milk Thistle in the book "Miracle Cures" by Jean Carper. She spoke of her relative who had turned around his liver disease by taking Milk Thistle.
Since I enjoy my beer a bit too much I decided this would be a beneficial vitamin for me. While I didn't notice any obvious changes, when I thought they weren't helping and stopped taking them, there was a distinct change in how I felt.
I've been taking Milk Thistle for over five years and they're as important to me as my One-a-Day.

MY Detox Defense
by Yvonne Werda-Woodstock, C.Ht.

I only recently started taking these, so it's hard to rate them fairly, YET. I'm giving them a 4 because I have HIGH hopes and confidence that at a later date, after using them a while, I would be able to give them a 5!

I started using them because sometimes when I start to feel "yucky" inside, (nondescript just icky feeling) I do a little detox that seems to ALWAYS make me feel GREAT again within a half hour.

I would soak in a hot, steamy tub that has 2 cups epsom salt, 2 cups baking soda, 2 cups apple cider vinegar in it (they pull toxins out of you), as does the steam...and just relax in there for at least 15 to 20 minutes. I noticed when I later added sipping on a cup of Celestial Seasonings Detox AM tea which is MILK THISTLE tea, vanilla flavored, it helped even more noticably.

I was so impressed with the difference the tea added, I wondered how helpful it would be to just up that a notch with these Milk Thistle capsules, so I am just trying these as of late. I have a good feeling. I may not feel the need to do the detox tub as often now. I have high hopes with these capsules.

by Andrew

I do not know how my liver enzyme count changed, but I do believe these help me process all of the crap I put in my body. The only down side is extremely terrible BM's.

Milk Thistle
by John Hubbard

I had a liver specialist tell me that this is the ONLY supplement he believes in. It, along with diet, reduced my liver enzyme count in only 6 months and I trust it.

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