f Source Naturals Wellness Oil of Oregano 1 oz Reviews and Information

Wellness Oil of Oregano 1 oz

Used To Support Digestive, Respiratory And Joint Health.
Product: Wellness Oil of Oregano 1 oz
Brand: Source Naturals (More Products)
Size: 1 Fluid Oz
Dosage: Take 1-4 drops twice daily.
Retail: $31.98
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3 Customer Reviews

Bad Taste, Great Results, OK Price
by Jaclyn

I've been using Oil of Oregano for years to ward off colds, infections, and many other ailments. I bought this brand a few months ago & the bottle will last a long time being you only use a small drop or two at a time. It is VERY strong so a little will go a long way. I did like this brand more than other ones I have tried in the past that gave off a foul smell when put into boiling water as an inhalant. The price is just ok, I've definitely found other brands of similiar quality for less money. I would purchase this again though as I did like it & it definitely worked & cured what I needed it to.

by JulieMac_29

Boy, this stuff is STRONG. It's difficult to describe just how concentrated this oil smells and tastes. I originally bought it to try combat chronic sinus infection on the recommendation from my natural foods shop owner. It was expensive, but I thought it might be worth a try. Think of the lovely smell of a few chopped leaves of oregano in your favorite pasta sauce or pizza. Now multiply that by a million. Seriously. It's INTENSE. And further multiply that by trying to injest this concoction. I diluted 2 drops a day in 16 oz. of water and attempted to drink it. This lasted 4 days/twice a day and that was as far as I could get. My husband and dad also tried it and confirmed its overly pungent taste and smell.

Unfortunately, I can't tell you if the product works or not. I couldn't get past the taste and smell.

by Diane Keys

Although I know this is supposed to have amazing healing properties, the taste is just disgusting. I would recommend taking only in pill form. It tastes like drinking motor oil, except it burns.