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I'm a Regular Customer
by Trudi Konzem

I have just purchased my fourth bottle of these. They're easy to find I get them from Safeway and they're affordable. I take three with each meals and my children take two with all meals.
We take them to keep healthy.

Tastes great!!!
by Stephan Gi Won Yoon

I used to be constipated until I started experimenting with different Papaya Enzymes in addition to fiber supplements. I stuck with this brand for good reasons.
1) Tastes very good! Like candy, but even better!
2) It loosened my stool and I was able to go to the bathroom easier.
3) ONLY 4.99!!!!
I tested many Papaya supplements, and this is the one I take everyday. Can't go wrong with this one!

I love papaya!
by Jessika Abramson

These little enzyme chewables are fantastic, almost like candy! When I was getting terrible heartburn for a while, I took these along with acidophilus and have since had long-term relief. Taking antacids will only temporarily relieve symptoms of heartburn and acid reflux, while papaya enzymes will help in the long run. I recommend this brand based on their effectiveness and great taste.

by Caitlin

This product actually tastes very good and it is great! Give it a go and try it! It really seemed to make me feel healthier!

Safer and Taste Better
by Denise

For heartburn relief, these papaya tablets are much better for your health than antacids and they taste good too! There is no reason to choose antacids when papaya tablets are no more expensive either.

Heartburn relief!
by Rachel

I had never experienced heartburn until my 3rd pregnancy. It's impossible to find anything you can take for heartburn when you're pregnant. Thank goondess for these tablets! They were yummy, and got rid of the nasty heartburn, which made the rest of the pregnancy so much happier, though I went through a few bottles! If you've got heartburn that can't be fixed with diet (even water gave me heartburn when I was pregnant!), I highly recommend this product!

Super digestive aid
by Orla

If you've ever lived or visited the tropics, you know that people there recognize the natural digestive properties of papaya. Since it's not always possible to eat fresh papaya, supplements make a wonderful substitute. Great for when you feel bloated, have over-eaten, eyc.

Great Tasting Product
by Brenna

Papaya is a wonderful digestive aid that can help with an upset stomach. If you have eaten too much and have that full, uncomfortable feeling..papaya is great. Just chew a few of these and they will oftentimes soothe your stomach and give you some relief. They also taste great, so it makes it an easy answer to your digestive troubles. Definitely recommend!

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