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by Kathy

I use this to rub on my feet, it seems to work great and it feels and smells so good, kind of an uplifting multi-purpose item to keep on hand.

Miracle Cure
by Becky

I have taken peppermint oil now for 5 years; my mother in law turned me on to it. When I get a headache, I just dab a bit on my forehead where it hurts and breath in a quick breath of it.... instant cure. I always stock up on this and the price is well worth it. You end up not needing to buy more for awhile. I will recommend to anybody.

It does wonders
by Rachel J

I have been using peppermint oil for 8 years now. There are so many things you can use peppermint oil for. I use it as a headache relief - I put a drop on my finger and rub it on my temples and instantly the pain is gone. It also works as good calming solution for my 6 month old baby (I put some water in a small pot and let the water come to a boil, a few drops of the oil in there and in 15 minutes or so my baby is out). It's good for bad breath also and many more ailments .

by mandalion

Peppermint oil amazes me. It is nothing short of a magic potion. How else could you explain this: Whenever I have a minor to moderate headache, forget taking Advil--all I have to do is open this container, hold it up to my nostril, and breathe deeply. I don't even have to take it out of the container, and my headache instantly vanishes! It's MAGIC!

It's perfect for my boyfriend Brian, who really dislikes taking medicine of any kind. The other day he had a headache while we were driving across the state. I told him about the peppermint oil, and he thought I was crazy, but he agreed to try it. He opened the container, breathed in deeply, exhaled, and looked at me, amazed. His headache was gone!

This is the first brand of peppermint oil that I've tried, and it worked perfectly.

I take this with me everywhere!

By the way, it can also help with cold sores - just put a dab on the sore and it relieves the itching/pain by numbing it a little.

Go For it !!!!!
by Lolly

Having 2 kids at home, I do lot of household chores and play with the kids most of the time. By the end of day, I end up having headache, leg cramps...
I bought this Peppermint Oil a couple of days back, hearing about its soothing affect and nice aroma from a friend .
When I applied this oil to my legs and temple, I felt so relieved and the pain eased in very little time.
Considering the price to be very reasonable too, I will definitely refer this product to my friends.

Great for headaches!
by Tina

I get headaches quite often. Nothing major, but annoying. I've always been weary of taking too much over-the-counter pain medications so I thought I'd try this when I'd get a headache. It works great. It feels really nice when I rub it on my temples. It makes me feel better knowing I'm not taking pills all the time.

It's a good product
by nivi

Peppermint oil is very good for health. It keeps the body cool and energetic. It is good for indigestion, diarrhea etc. I keep this product at home. It's good for toothaches too. I suffered from severe toothache. So when I used this one, it was totally gone

Treats pains and cramps.
by babu

My mom gives me Peppermint Oil whenever I get headaches and pains. It worked great for me. This is a very preferable compared to pain killers because it doesn't have any side effects and this is not an internal medicine. Only one problem with this is it is oily and bit sticky, otherwise it is an excellent remedy to treat pains and cramps.

Great to keep in the house
by trisha

When I was growing up my grandmother always had a dish of peppermint candy in her house. She said it was great to use peppermint for upset stomach, nausea or indigestion. Well, I'm diabetic and don't like diabetic candy because of their laxative effect so I tried peppermint oil. This oil works wonders, is safe to use and helped me through all 3 of my pregnancies when I had morning sickness and nothing would help. Just sniff it or put some in your morning tea and sip it. Same thing for indigestion. In the summer I like to mix a few drops in a spray bottle with cold water and spray on my tired really refreshes them and also smells great. I also spray a little in my shoes to freshen them up overnight. I wouldn't be without this oil in my house. For a quick burst of energy spray some in the air and breathe in seems to give you a mid-afternoon energizing lift.

Multiple uses
by Ryanne

My husband swears by this product as he uses it often for indigestion. I haven't had that problem but I have used it for menstrual cramps and found it to be very effective.

Calmer of nerves.
by JH

My girlfriend uses this when she is under any kind of stress and she swears it works. She also uses it on cramps during that time of month, and it seems to work.

Peppermint oil
by William S

If you don't know what to take, chances are Peppermint oil will help (and certainly can't hurt). I've had great success using it for headaches, upset stomachs, and it also can help with colds and other sicknesses. The best thing is it tastes good.

Multiple Uses!
by Jenny C

Peppermint Oil is the one thing I will never let myself run out of. I use it for so many things. My favorite is if I have a headache. I wet a wash cloth and put a few drops of the oil on it, then place on my head. It works every time! I also use Peppermint Oil anytime I am painting. Just add half a bottle to a gallon of paint and you won't be left with paint fumes!

Peppermint oil
by Jo

While I was in the hospital after I had my first baby, I was having difficulty urinating. A nurse came in with this peppermint oil and said to place it in the bed pan and sit for a few minutes and you will pee. I did not believe her, but was willing to try anything. I did what she suggested I do and sure enough, within iminutes, I regained my ability to pee. I am not sure why or how it works, but I did bring it to the hospital when I had my 2nd baby. Thankfully, I did not need it. But it stays in my medicine chest as a happy reminder.

All-in-one remedy!
by Angel C.

Now this product is seriously one that I could not live without. It helps me with headaches, nausea, colds, and also works great as a massage oil (mixed with a carrier oil). I've used this through the years and will continue to do so. This oil is a long lived remedy that's been used through my family for years. Everyone should have a bottle of this in their household; it really does come in handy.

Helped my headache
by Mindy

I was at my grandma's house when I had a nasty headache. She happened to have this on hand and had me sniff it to see if it helped. I couldn't believe how it worked. My headache went away and I felt so much better! I was happy to see that it is used for many things. I went out and bought some for my own house.

Great for upset tummy
by HS

Peppermint oil is great for on upset stomach. It is natural so you can even use it for small children. You can just mix a few drops with some water and sip that, or out it in some green tea. It is great for pregnant women who have nausea as well, and it won't harm the unborn baby because it all natural.

peppermint oil
by NOW Foods

I love this oil!! Great for nausea and helps me with energy!! I mix it with some cream and rub it on my body and it helps with pain. I also smell it for headaches and sinus problems. Price is great!!

Peppermint Oil
by Jaime

I love this stuff. It's great for a little pick-me-up in the afternoons. It really does work on my headaches, too. It's not very thick. It does not cost much at all, and the smell is great.

I love this oil!
by Aubre Rice

I use Peppermint Oil for a variety of purposes. Sometimes I use it to clear up a stuffy nose, you can place just a tiny bit under your nostrils. I use it mixed with non-scented lotion as a pick-me-up in the middle of the day (it has a cooling sensation and fantastic scent). I have also used it on my feet after running to soothe tired feet. It is a wonderful oil and trust me when I say a little goes a very long way.

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