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by nikki

I used to get a respiratory infection every winter, but since starting echinacea I have not had any other problems with this type of illness. I now feel great all winter.

by Shannon Kimsey

My whole family uses Echinacea. It is great for warding off colds. All you have to do is take it regularly and doctor's visit's should decrease substantially.

Wonder drug
by stacy

I am a firm believer in Echinacea. My family has taken it for years and it never fails we are hardly ever sick and the people around feel like they are dying.

Less trips to the doctor
by Lisa

I have a low immune system. I seemed to always get a cold and the flu during flu season. Echinacea really helps reduce colds and flu. It really boosts the immune system. Less trips to the doctor is always appreciated.

Always Use
by Jennalea

I always use echinacea w/ goldenseal and i rarley ever get sick. This past year everyone in my office was sick 2-5 throughout the season, so i doubled up on it and didn't get sick once!

well help cfs
by mary lacombe

I never knew this was good for cfs. I really want to try it soon.

Easy to take
by Julie

I try to take Echinacea couple times a month. It help my immune system and keeps infections away from my body.

good for CFS
by Donna Tinus

I have Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and I take this supplement to ward off the frequent colds that we CFS sufferers get. I started about a year after I was diagnosed and have been taking it for about 3 years. I really think it helped, because my colds are much less frequent now.

A good precaution to take
by Barb Fleming

Especially when it is cold/flu season. Including Echinacea into my regimen of naturally warding off possible contagions, along with zinc, has proven effective in preventing/catching colds, the flu, upper respiratory infections. I find Echinacea to be a great immune system supporter.

Firm Believer
by Matthew Fredrickson

My family has been using this product for the past 5 years or so. Whenever I felt like I was coming down with something, my mom would make me take a couple of pills. Honestly, I always felt better and never got the brunt of the sickness after using this product. This product is great for halting colds before they develop into full blown sickness. If you take a couple right when you start feeling like you are getting sick, I guarantee it won't be nearly as bad as it would be without taking the product. My entire family is a firm believer in this product and it has gone a long way to keep us healthy! Try it, you won't be disappointed!

Works sometimes
by Erika

I was recommended by my mother to take this product regularly to prevent illness during the winter months. However, I don't think it really helped, as I still got sick after taking the product for about a month. It didn't hurt to take it however, there were no negative side-effects. The results for the price were not very satisfactory.

Doesn't hurt to use it
by Ryan

My mother is a pharmacist and she does not think that Echinacea actually prevents colds however she doesn't think it hurts either. Based on her advice, I have been using this product and it seems to only slightly diminish the effects of the sickness. I still get sick but I figure that why not take it on the onset of the cold. In summary, I cannot say that this product works but if I can gain a mental edge against my cold by taking Echinacea, I am all for that.

Great for prevention
by Steph

When I'm getting a cold I take a few of these pills and it greatly reduces the length of my illness or wipes it out in a day. I highly suggest keeping these on hand at all times or taking them daily (especially if you work with the public or children). I have opted not to take the flu shot each year because I take these, and for me, it is enough to sustain my immune system.

Great Product
by Kyle

Great product! After getting tired of getting sick, my mother has started to take this product daily and hasn't gotten sick since. She loves it, although it is somewhat difficult to find.

Taken it Forever
by Kasandra

I have taken Echinacea ever since I can remember. My mother gave it to me whenever she thought a cold was going around. This product really works. I still take it to this day when a cold or flu is going around and it helps me not get sick or if I do- it lessens the severity of the illness. My entire family takes this product religiously and I would recommend it to anyone.

voodoo or not?
by William OConnor

About half my family takes these once a day, and they all rant and rave about their daily overall good health. I don't know the science behind this, but they do seem to come down with a cold less than I do. Three cheers to whatever works!

Keeps Colds Away
by Az

I love this stuff! I take it everyday and I find I get very few colds as a result. I also find I have more energy, especially during the wintertime. I like this herb so much, I have started searching for it in other products (like cough drops with echinacea).

rave reviews
by Patty

My father takes this product every single day and swears by it. Whenever I visit and I have the slightest illness (runny nose, etc) he makes me herbal tea and gives me an echinacea tablet.

Been raised on it.
by Jessica

My mom has been giving me this ever since I could remember. When I was younger, I always got sick every year since my immune system was always so low. (I was a complicated pregnancy and needed lots of antibiotics and all kinds of stuff). So, after some research, my mom gave me these. I still take them to this day to fight off my yearly sicknesses around winter. I love this product and keep well stocked throughout the year.

Works great
by Shane

Even my personal doctor recommended I take this when I lost my insurance and had bronchitis. This stuff works great if taken everyday. I don't care for the taste or after taste, but how it works out weighs everything else.

Prevent sickness
by Mindy

My coworkers raved about Echinacea for preventing sickness, so thought I would get started on it when fall came. I think that was the best winter I had for not getting sick. I took it every day, and it worked. It is not for you to take after symptoms show up, so be sure it is taken beforehand. It let me have a healthy winter season.

Not Just for Colds or Flu.
by Lori Ann Hull

My husband has been taking Echinacea for over five years to support a healthy immune system. Last December, he developed a case of "shingles"; however, the episode was less severe and only lasted two weeks vs. a much more severe outbreak a decade earlier. Take this supplement daily and it will help to stave off a number of infections. Thumbs up from this Family!

Excellent Supplement!!
by Beth

I have used this brand of echinacea along with zinc prior to the onset of cold and have boosted my immune system to ward off the common cold! Forget about the over the counter cold meds - try this!

great preventative!
by nicki

This product is a must in every household. A great preventative - but NOT effective if you've already come down with "whatever". Follow directions and take product to boost immune system.

by lala5

This product really tastes bad but if you can get over the initial bad taste, your body will thank you for it later. It really has helped to strengthen my immune system.

It works... if you take it correctly
by Brenda

Don't expect to take echinacea once you are already beginning to feel the symptoms of a cold and have it work for you. The instant the cold is in your body it's already too late. This supplement is meant to be PREVENTIVE only. I often hear people complaining that it does not work because "I started feeling sick so I took a ton of echinacea and I still got the flu!" Once you feel sick, you've past the point where this product will work for you.
But taken in advance of a sickness, on a daily regimen in order to avoid getting sick, yes it works. I took it all through college, living in a dorm and everything, and was one of the only people I knew who didn't catch anything that season.

Kept me healthy
by Adam Paul

I took this stuff all through college. Once in the morning and once at night. In about 6 years, I NEVER got sick for more than a half a day.

at work
by Carol

We keep echinacea at work and at the first sign of a cold, we use it to keep from getting sick. I don't know how it works, just that it works. Echinacea and flu shots have given our department the best attendance record this year.

Excellent product
by Kelly Morris

I always use echinacea when I'm getting a cold, and it always seems to work to prevent the cold from getting worse or lasting very long. I highly recommend it!

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