f Nature Made Vitamin C with Rose Hips Reviews and Information

Vitamin C with Rose Hips

Helps boost the immune system.
Product: Vitamin C with Rose Hips
Brand: Nature Made (More Products)
Size: 250 Tablets
Dosage: Take 3 Tablets daily.
Retail: $33.98
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4 Customer Reviews

vitamin c
by Jalanea Briggs

I took this product all throughout my childhood. The only vitamins my mother purchased was through Nature Made and as an adult they are the only vitamins that I know that I can trust to have in them what is on the label which is very important to anyone taking vitamins.

My Grandmother Loves This!
by Ali

My grandmother takes this because of the added benefits of Rose Hips with the vitamin C. Having rose hips helps the process work better (absorbing the Vitamin C better and quicker). She has been on regular Vitamin C for years, but when her friend told her how using it with the Rose Hips helps the it absorb , she starting taking this instead. Shes been taking it for 3 months and said she will continue to take it.

These are great!
by maryam

I have been taking Vitamin C for years and always have made my children do the same. Vitamin C just has too many benefits to name. But some of the most important for me are that it can help prevent all sorts of sicknesses - from the common cold to worse things like cancer. Plus, it's so great for our skin, bones, teeth, and joints. It's almost impossible for me or the kids to get the daily required amounts of Vitamin C into our diets, so this vitamin is really an essential for us. Plus, the fact that it has Rose Hips incorporated into it is even more beneficial. Besides the many health benefits of Rose Hips itself, like its ability to heal skin problems, Rose Hips also aids the body in absorping the Vitamin C better and that makes the overall effect much better!
I would really recommend this vitamin to anybody because it has too many health benefits to miss out on! Plus, these Nature Made vitamins are easy to find at any health or drug store!

A powerful immune system boost
by nichole kuhns

This product is a very potent Vitamin C product with Rose Hips (an alternate form of vitamin C). 1,000 mg of Vitamin C is many times the RDA of Vitamin C. Fortunately, Vitamin C is water soluble and will not build up in your body like the fat soluble vitamins.