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Dr. Schulze Superfood plus

Dr. Schulze designed SuperFood Plus to be a rapid-assimilation, rapid-deployment, nutrient-saturated, plant-based vitamin and mineral concentrate.

Dr. Schulze had many patients who, because of their broken-down and diseased bodies, couldn't digest and utilize the nutrition from their foods, nor their medical doctors' pills or even injections. They were dying because they had run out of blood - and cell-building nutrition. SuperFood Plus mixed with fresh, organic fruit and vegetable juice succeeded where everything else failed. It was able to get nutrition into anemic blood, and into their cells and organs. SuperFood Plus created healing miracles.

Soon after, Dr. Schulze started prescribing it to his patients who were not as ill, and even to his healthy patients. Soon after, he saw a remarkable increase in his patients' energy level, and their vitality and their general level of health, not to mention their skin, hair, nails and the way they looked. He then prescribed SuperFood Plus for the old, and even the young, the sick, and the healthy, to all of his patients and even for all of their pets. The results were nothing short of life-changing.

The Health and Medical Benefits of SuperFood Plus

BLASTS your blood with vitamins, minerals and POWERFUL NUTRITION
Saturates your blood with many powerful nutritional complexes that are not in other vitamins and manmade nutritional formulae
PROTECTS your body from breakdown and PREVENTS disease
Protects and defends all of your body’s cells from free-radical damage
Stimulates the immune system and boosts immune function
Regenerates your red blood cells, building powerful iron - and nutrient-rich blood
Has twice the PROTEIN of grade-A beef; 40% protein by volume
This zero-fat formula will give you quick energy…with over 550% of your ENERGY vitamin B12!
And, it tastes great!
Product: Dr. Schulze Superfood plus
Brand: Dr. Schulze Botanical Pharmacy (More Products)
Size: 390 tablets
Dosage: Use as needed 1 month supply
Retail: $42.00
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1 Customer Reviews

by Mary Emerson

I've used this product in tablet form since 2007 and love it! I'm over age 55 and look much younger than that; some people think I'm around age 30. I get a lot of energy and feel wonderful, and I notice when I cut back on the amount I take each day; I feel less energetic and start to feel draggy when I take less. I heal faster, and if I start to come down with a sore throat or cold, I just take an extra dose and the sore throat or minor cold symptoms disappear almost immediately. I don't get sick when the latest flu or virus is going around. I'd highly recommend this product to anybody who wants a complete, natural supplement. It's one of my first two supplement choices; I used to take a lot of supplements but now this is one of the two I take each day.