f GNC Nature Fingerprint St. John's Wort-500 mg Reviews and Information

Nature Fingerprint St. John's Wort-500 mg

Provides support for a positive mood balance.
May help promote general well-being.*
Grows in Europe andthe United States and is especially abundant innorthern California and southern Oregon.
The botanical species of Fingerprinted™ herbs are positively identified by the sophisticated Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) technology.
TLC verification method is as accurate and reliable for identifying true herbal species as human fingerprinting.
Whole ground herb is minimally processed; dried and pulverized.
Each capsule contains 500 mg of St. John's Wort Herb.

Product: Nature Fingerprint St. John's Wort-500 mg
Brand: GNC (More Products)
Size: 200 Capsules
Dosage: "Take one capsule two to three times daily.
Retail: $11.99
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6 Customer Reviews

I have really seen a difference in my mood.
by Billie Giles

I have been taking SJW for 2 years. It keeps me from feeling sad and down. I think this brand is the best.

Working for me
by Ann

I suffer from what I believe is mild depression, mood changes and feeling down sometimes. I hate feeling that way and don't want to take prescription meds so I decided to give St John's Wart a try. I have been taking them for around 4 months now and have noticed an improvement in myself. I no longer feel sad as much as I used to and I seem to laugh more. It did take almost 2 months of steady use to notice any changes. My husband says I am now easier to live with, since I am taking St John's Wart. I take 1 capsule with each meal.

Natural way to ease depression
by Erika

My mother was looking for a natural way to help her feel happier and healthier. She had been taking several prescribed drugs that did not seem to help. After taking St. John's Wort for two weeks, she claimed it began to help her mood and she was no longer feeling constantly sad. I would honestly recommend this as a natural way to ease depression.

A great mood booster
by Roxanne Ranelli

Although I have never been "technically" diagnosed with depression, I have had a few life changing event, recently, that have brought on many indescribable moods. I had always heard about ST. JOHNS WORT so I decided to give it a try. After purchasing this product I became a sole believer that this has helped me to feel happier and less depressed. It seems that I do not dwell on the negative aspects of my life, as much. This has helped me tremendously.

nature finger print st johns wort
by barbara

My brother has suffered from depression for years and has been on Prosac. He didnt want to spend his life dependant on prescription drugs and decided to go the natural route.As he was weaning himself from the Prosac he added St. Johns wort. He no longer takes the prescription and he is feeling great and his mood have been stable. His doctor is pleased with the results and he is a much happier person.

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