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by Sandy T

I personally like this product. I used to take it only once in a while but now use it every day. I feel steady... on an nice even balance with my moods, and that's a good way to feel.

by Sandy T

I take St. John's Wart everyday, used to just take it occasionally but really do feel I am on a more even keel taking it daily... Better than taking something some chemist created when you can have something God created..

wonderful wort
by barb

My husband and I both take St. John's Wort on a daily basis, and have for the past couple of years. We find it helps greatly with moodiness and stress. We both recommend it to everyone.


i do not like taking prescriptions of any kind but i do have seasonal type depression in winter. i take st. john's wort and it really helps to keep me on an even keel. i do not have to worry about side effects or being tapered off when i do not need to take it anymore like prescription drugs. it really helps me during the winter months when i have the blues.

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
by Kathy Michael

I suffer from PMS, not so much as in bloating and cramps, but as in terrible "mood swings"! I have found that if I take this a week prior to my cycles end I don't feel so irritable. My husband appreciates this product just as much as I do-if you know what I mean. It's a good alternative treatment for PMS if you don't suffer with a combination of symptoms.

Try it, it works
by Jeff

Both my wife and I have taken St. John's Wort for mood enhancement. Though some studies have shown that SJW is no more effective than placebo at treating depression, I have found this not to be the case. If I'm feeling particularly down, all I need to do is pop one SJW capsule and I start feeling better within six hours. My wife takes it daily and she agrees that it helps her deal with life's daily aggravation. She's been taking SJW for over a year now and has come to depend on it.

Didn't work for me
by Zak

St. John's wort didn't work for me at all. I took it for about 4 months. I took it with my other vitamins, so I essentially wasn't thinking about the product as I was taking it. I probably wouldn't buy the product again. I am learning to believe that this product has much more of a placebo effect.

by Robert

You have to have an open mind when taking this supplement. I do, and was already in a good mood when I tried it and didn't feel any happier. I tried it while I was in a worse mood and did feel somewhat better, but maybe it was a placebo effect.

Decent Product
by Matt Bentley

This product is okay. The reason why some people swear by it is simply because it works better for some than others. My personal opinion is that some people are so stubborn that they won't allow their moods to be changed. If you are just going through a hard time and want to be happy, this may be for you. If you want something to force you to be happy, this is most likely not for you. Also, keep in mind that St. John's Wort is a drug. It necessitates careful evaluation before using it. It has been known to inhibit fertility in men and women. Stay 100 miles away if you are pregnant - the possible temporary boost from mood swings isn't worth your baby's health.

Boosts me up!
by Jessica

I was diagnosed with GAD (General Anxiety Disorder) and chronic depression. I can't afford $50-$93 dollar bottles of pills, so I did a little research and this came up. Now I'm faithfully taking it and feeling a lot better than I used to. My only regret is not finding it sooner. Another staple in my medicine cabinet.

Mom was right
by Sean MacRitchie

My mom use to come home from the store with this "St. John's Wart" bottle and my brother and I used to get a kick out of it all the time. But with a name like St. John's there was nothing to laugh when I got older. Nowadays, I thank mom often cause this helps me out. Doctors want me on other things but when this works why do I need a change. Thanks, mom.

Mood enhancer
by Mindy

I have suffered mild depression for some time, and was told about this product. I tried taking this and could tell my mood was better. However, I was afraid to take it along with my birth control pills, so stopped taking them.

Happy Family Again
by Kasandra

Someone in my family suffered from depression and, at my suggestion, began taking this specific brand of St. John's Wort. After several weeks, we could see a drastic change in his behavior. The herb changed our lives and has made us a happy little family again :) The product is reasonably priced, consistently of good quality and often on sale from the manufacturer. The only down side for women is it does interfere with your birth control so it is not such a great product for women on birth control. I would definitely recommend this to someone who would like to try a natural way to combat depression or mood swings before seeing a doctor for antidepressants.

by Patricia

According to my sister-in-law this keeps her on tract. Not wanting to take prescription anti-depressants, she claims that these work well for her and keep her calm.

Works for mood enhancement, but not with birth control pills!
by cjthedog64

As long as you're not trying to avoid getting pregnant, these pills work well for enhancing your mood. My best friend got a surprise a little while after she was feeling better. That surprise just had a birthday.

Not effective
by Aubre Rice

I tried this when I was diagnosed with mild depression, wanting to try something "natural". I turned to this first because my mom recommended it. I didn't notice any difference in mood once taking this product, in fact, found it to be complicated since it made my birth control pill ineffective causing it's own set of complications. I ended up taking prescription medication for the depression. The prescription was effective almost immediately. I wouldn't recommend this product for something as serious as depression.

Life Saving Herb
by Michele Fair

I do not normally take St. John's Wort ,but my best friend's mother has been taking it for years. She has battled depression for some time, and claims that this herb has literally saved her life. She's been taking it for years and seems to be doing rather well with it, so based on her experience I would recommend it.

Mildly effective
by L. S.

St. John's Wort is supposed to be good for mild depression, and I found that it was. It took the edge off the depression, but did not work as well as my prescription anti-depressant. I would recommend it for mild depression, especially since you don't need a prescription and it's inexpensive. It does stop the effectiveness of birth control pills, so be careful.

great for depression
by Kelly Morris

I've used St. John's Wort for quite some time for depression. I've seen research that says it's about as effective as anti-depressant medication only it doesn't have to side effects. I'm really happy with how it works for me.

This is a good product
by April Smith

I really like this product. I've read the research on St. John's Wort and depression, and I thought this product might help me feel happy overall. It took about five weeks of taking this daily, but I did start to see an improvement in my overall mood. Best of all, it didn't have any side effects at all. This really works.

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