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I LOVE This Stuff
by Sierra

I never thought that I would find something that actually worked to enhance my mood. I started taking this stuff about 5 months ago and am still taking it.
Before I took St. John's Wort I would get easily frustrated and stressed out, especially at work. Not any more.
I am bi-polar and do not like taking medications, so I am extremely happy that I have found this, it really does work.
St. John's Wort does not interact well with other medications though. There is a long list of meds that St. Johns Wort should not be taken with so if you take a lot of meds, then look this stuff up first.
The one time that I took a tramadol, it didn't work...I then later read that St. John's Wort can cause tramadol to not work as well.
Anyways, I would say that everyone should at least try this stuff.

Loved it!
by kat

Loved this stuff! Definitely could tell a difference while taking.

Couldn't tell if it worked
by C

I tried Standardized St. John's Wort for 3 months and couldn't really tell if I had any positive reaction to it. I didn't really see a difference in my mood and decided to speak to my primary physician. After taking a prescription, I'm starting to feel a difference in my mood. I would recommend St. John's Wort to anyone who thinks they could use a more positive mood, but I can't say it works for everyone.

Excellent for Relieving Anxiety
by Lori Ann Hull

I have been using St.John's Wort off and on for years depending on what demands were in my daily life. You should talk to your Family Doctor first to make sure that your anxiety is not a symptom of a more serious condition. If, however, it is due to day to day general stress this will be an effective tool to help you cope and function more happily.

The Nature's Way brand is one of the best value's and has superior quality. Thumbs up from this Family!

Couldn't do without it!
by Kristina Richardson

I've been faithfully using St John's Wort for a year and a half now. Believe me, the medications I used before were prescribed and expensive and I was looking for something more natural and cheaper for my budget. I tried this and promised myself 2 months before I went back to doctor's scipts. I never ever went back! I love this and would advise anyone with the ability to try natural supplements to give this a try.

My College Student Loved This
by Cathy Weaver

During final exams his first year, my college student son found himself under a lot of pressure. The next year about 2 months before exams, I gave him St. John's Wort to try. He said he didn't feel as stressed and woke up in a fairly decent mood after a night of studying. Now in his 3rd year, he asked me to get some of the St. John's Wort for him to give him that extra edge.
I trust Nature's Way to provide him with a consistent, pure dose.

Will it work alone?
by Niki Hause

I don't know. I have been taking it in combination with 5 HTP and it's like I am a different person. I can't beleive I went so long without these cures, and that it isn't more publicized. There is no question that the combination will work, if someone commits to self-treatment for at least 6 weeks. This is how long they say it can take to notice St. John's Worts effects. I am more reliant on the 5HTP, then the St. John's Wort, but I rate both together as being five stars.

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