f Puritan's Pride Stevia Powder Reviews and Information

Stevia Powder

Stevia is a natural herb that grows in China and Brazil.
Product: Stevia Powder
Brand: Puritan's Pride (More Products)
Size: 2 OZ
Dosage: 1/32-1/16 teaspoons 2x daily
Retail: $14.95
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5 Customer Reviews

by jaandva@yahoo.com

I appreciate stevia in general. It is a good alternative to artificial sweeters for those of us who have to avoid sugar. I purchased this brand initially because it was economically priced. Although it is cheaper and goes a long way, it tasted bitter compared with some of the other brands I have tried. That being said, I definitely prefer the stevia drops to the powder. They are more mild, and easier to portion.

I ike it
by Anne

I am diabetic and only drink 1 diet soda a day, as the artifical sweetener in it gives me diarrhea, if I eat any more products artifically sweetened. So when I want a change of drink, I use Stevia Powder by Puritan's Pride. It costs more, but since you only use a tiny bit, it lasts forever. There is no aftertaste and I like it in my iced tea. I also use a tiny amount on my cereal in the morning and I find it doesn't give me diarrhea at all.

Natural Sweetner.
by maryam

If you are trying to watch your sugar levels, this is one wonderful herb to incorporate into your diet! There are several wonderful things about stevia. For one, it is nauturally very sweet, almost as sweet as sugar, and so it serves well as a sweetner for food and drinks. Plus, while it sweetens your food, it also works to regulate your blood sugar levels. The great thing is that since it is all natural, there are really no real bad side effects to this. The only thing you have to watch out for is that if you use too much of this herb, it can start to taste bitter and that's no fun!
I like the stevia powder by Puritan's Pride because it is easy to find at my local health food store. I have always had difficulty finding this herb, but Puritan's Pride is even easy to locate on the web. Plus, one bottle lasts quite a while and does a mighty good job!

Stevia is good.
by babu

Stevia is a very good substitute for sugar. My doctor suggested I start using this to keep away from diabetes. I started using this and it helped me in maintaining my sugar levels. Compared to other sugar substitutes, I like Stevia because it is natural. Stevia gives required sweetness to food without adding much sugar. This is an excellent product in my view.

Sugar Replacement
by Brenda

Stevia has been used for centuries, for the ability to make baked goods, drinks, & foods sweeter. I use this product every day, very little goes a long way. It is very concentrated, no calories, like processed sugar. It will be bitter if you use too much, so my suggestion would be, start adding small amounts when you begin, to reach maximun satisfaction.