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Food Lover (music teacher -- formerly fat!)
by Shirley Shaffer

This tastes Soooo Good I've got a plant growing in a pot and I nibble a leaf whenever I feel a snack attack coming on. But I fell in love with the taste starting with the powder. Noooo agonizing headaches like with aspartame (Nutrasweet).

One disappointment: I used it in a drink for potluck and the very fat, diet-drop-out social chairman said, "Yuk! We can't use that! I hate Stevia!" Well, I just enjoy all the sweet stuff I want now, at home, with Stevia! (And outside, I just collect compliments on how great I'm looking now!)

by Steviva User

I've been using Steviva in my coffee and I found this to be the best among that I've tried before. It's natural, organic with no side-effects. The good thing about Steviva also is it's already being used by major beverage companies as alternative to other artificial sweeteners.

Steviva is simply amazing and it provides a lot of options too. I recommend this to anyone who is on a diet or just needs no sugar due to some health challenges.

Dissolve in a little bit of hot water before cold drinks etc.
by Ellen

Yes. Stevia may not dissolve in some cold drinks, but sugar in cold water, takes a while to dissolve and is a lot unhealthier to use.
When I make cold drinks or ice-flavored pops for the kiddies, I put a very small amount of hot water with stevia power to dissolve it and it works like a charm . I have since purchased the Stevia liquid extract and it works like a charm as well.

I feel it much safer overall to use Stevia vs. sugar and the artificial sweetners.
by Elaine

Stevia comes in many different forms, so yes, it will taste bitter if too much is utilized. I love Stevia and have done research that allows me to feel like I am using something far safer than any artificial sweetners out there that I have read are made by drug companies. It would be a lot better if we could also put it into our soda here in the US like Japan has done. They actually banned using it in soda in there.
Below, please find a conversion chart for the different types of Stevia I found online. There are 3 different conversion charts for each time of Stevia listed.

Have a very happy and healthy day.

Stevia Conversion Chart

Granulated Sugar........Dry Ground Whole Leaf Stevia Measurement
1 teaspoon..............1/8 teaspoon
1 tablespoon............3/8 teaspoon
1/4 cup.................1 1/2 teaspoons
1/2 cup.................1 tablespoon
1 cup...................2 tablespoons

Granulated Sugar........White Stevia Extract Powder
1 teaspoon..............n/a
2 teaspoon..............n/a
1 tablespoon............n/a
1 cup...................1/3 to 1/2 tsp
2 cup...................2/3 - 1 tsp

Granulated Sugar........Clear Liquid Extract
1 teaspoon..............4-6 drops
1 tablespoon............8-12 drops
1/4 cup.................1/8 tsp
1/2 cup.................1 Tbsp
1 cup...................2 Tbsp

Steviva Lover
by Rickideemus

The people who say this is bitter have a screw loose. You need to use _very_ little and it'll taste BETTER THAN SUGAR. NO aftertaste. Use it to make grape Koolaid and you can't tell the difference from real grape juice. I KID YOU NOT! Mix it with frozen yogurt and a little vanilla and you have something BETTER THAN ICE CREAM but NO extra calories!!!!

Buy this stuff. ;) I can't live without it, and I don't work fer Steviva ner NUTHIN.


I use Puritan's Pride Stevia. It is mixed with Maltodextrin. So you don't have to use such a small amount. It is quite economical and a big jar last me for at least 3 months. The only way I ever got a bitter taste was when I used an ungodly amount.

Horrible Taste
by Health Nut

Very bitter and horrible aftertaste. Plus misleading add sells only 1oz in huge jar. Not worth it.

right dosage?
by Madraoulas

It is hard to get to dissolve in some liquids. I drink espresso and I used to put a teaspoon of sugar.Now I tried 4-5 times with steviva powder and the coffe is very-very bitter.I have tried many different doses.Can you tell me a solution?...I also make it liquid with water and i used it but the same bad results.PLEASE GIVE ME A SOLUTION..THANK YOU

Such a safe and tasty product.
by Babs

I have read where in Japan they have banned the artificial sweeteners in their pop. Now if our companies would do the same, how much healthier it would be for those who have a difficult time giving up their addiction to some colas.
I even make my own pop sickles with Kool-Aid and Stevia. Sure helps while attempting weight loss, and makes a flavorful treat so as not to feel so deprived. I am definitely a carbohydrate addict, and this has helped me so much. :>))

by jazz

I love this stuff It is very sweet no aftertaste and you only have to use a little and It last a long time I love it in my coffee and tea.
a wonderful product

by Anonymous

I enjoy this product.
It is hard to get to dissolve in some liquids but it still tastes wonderful. My kids enjoy it in Kool-Aid

The perfect sugar alternative!
by Jess C.

Steviva powder tops all sugar substitutes out there, because not only is it all-natural, but it also leaves no bad aftertaste in my mouth like others do. The taste is excellent, and it blends wonderfully in liquids. I love using it in my tea and coffee!

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by clorie van tuyl

Love this. All natural, calorie free, sweetens my coffee just great!

by Henry Zielinski

I use stevia all of the time. I found this site and product, bought the intro package, and used it twice. I had a terrible after taste in my mouth that would not go away for a long time. Will not use again or recommend the product. Hank Z.

PS bought item 540 Special #1