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it works!
by David

This product is appropriately named! Very similar to Hot Plants for Women, the product definitely does what it says it will - heightens the libido and makes it like steel!

Works Wonder Woman Says
by Timon Tran

After months of going through different male performance enhancement supplements. Yohimbe provided me with an energy surge like no other. Yohimbe greatly improved my strength workout and cardio. I was able to push harder, run faster, and go longer. It is a hidden treasure to those who want an extra push in their life.

It works!

My husband got this product for prostate health, and he found it to be great, great, great. He would recommend it to anyone. He said it helped him dramatically. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful is all he could say. He said for all men to try it.

Why is a female writing this?
by Michelle

Yohimbe is well known as an enhancer for males when they need it, but did you know that it can help weight loss?
As a female I use Yohimbe as part of a weight loss stack and I find that it decreases my hunger pangs and gives me more energy. So go on girls, pick up one for your man and one for you :)

Try this, it works!
by Cassandra

My boyfriend has been using Yohimbe in one form or another for the past 10 years or so. We picked up Yohimbe Power Max when his last bottle of another product ran out. He thought the other product was okay, but that this was much better. He takes a couple of pills about an hour before action and he is ready to go. He says that there is really nothing about this product that he does like. We're not sure how long a dosage lasts, but at least 8-10 hours.

by Stephan Gi Won Yoon

This was yet another product I tested in my hunt for male potency supplements. I took this for a month, which was 1 bottle pretty much. It was on sale on eBay so I gave it a shot. Not only did I feel increased levels of sexual energy, I felt my workouts were improved as well. It was overall a pick-me-up for life. I liked the fact that it gave me energy to workout and have fun afterwards rather than fall asleep tired. I will definitely buy this again.

by devla

My husband has been taking Action Labs Yohimbe and it has really boosted his energy levels to a new high. He feels like he has been reborn. In the first week he was out jogging and helping around the house. This is a great product.

by Tyler

This is a must have item for every sexual active male...This stuff will have you lasting for much longer than what you can normally do on your own..take the pills about 45-60 minutes before and wait because the sex will be better than ever.

Good stuff but too much can be very dangerous
by Robert

This stuff is great for getting the blood flowing and it will give you that extra boost of energy you need. This stuff can be very bad if you take too much. I've read too much can be lethal so be careful!

This stuff isn't a male wonder drug but it does work. I went with Action Labs but you may want to save your money and get the generic form if you can find it.

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