f Vitamin Shoppe Yohimbe Bark Extract-500mg Reviews and Information

Yohimbe Bark Extract-500mg

Helps enhance a mans energy level, promotes stamina through increased bloodflow, and improves sexual function.
Product: Yohimbe Bark Extract-500mg
Brand: Vitamin Shoppe (More Products)
Size: 100 Capsules
Dosage: 1-2 capsules daily.
Retail: $9.49
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3 Customer Reviews

Only an idiot would have problems
by MoJoerising

Firstly... the notion that yohimbe products are supposed to increase testosterone or help burn fat are completely false. Yohimbe ONLY stimulates the nervous system mostly in the entire pelvic region... yes it means you'll have a good poop after a while.

Anyone who has problems with this stuff is simply not following directions and probably taking way too much at once.

Follow the directions, start with one pill and then SLOWLY adjust your dosage over the course of several weeks. This particular brand is actually quite mild compared to others I've tried. I started with only 1 pill a day.... with not much effect, I then graduated to 2x a day with a little improvement, and later I found that I can take 3 pills at once that provides a more 'desireable' effect.

Though I'm only 34, I guess genetics has left me with an unhappy member already. I didn't like using RX e.d. stuff, and gas-station boner pills are dangerous, I got very sick once from one (probably bacteria), and it's probably because they're not a regulated pharmaceutical product.

THIS STUFF, however, worked quite well... To put it bluntly, it makes my balls shrivel and become more sensitive, and I can produce a mean ass boner that's a bit more 'filled out', my wife loves what it's done for me.

In summary, no matter which brand, you will have to establish a sort-of tolerance for yohimbe. Don't expect miracles on your first dose if you've NEVER tried yohimbe before. This is something your body needs some time to get used to... once that happens, you can find what dosage works best for you by increasing your dosage in SMALL STEPS.

Don't be a moron, respect this herb and it will reward you well.

End of line.

Buyer Beware
by Adam

My brother had been reading a lot of information about Yohimbe on the internet, and decided to try this product to be used in conjunction with his gym workouts.
About 30 minutes after the first try, his face and body got all flush red and he was dying of thirst. We don't know if it was an allergic reaction, but he said his skin started to get really hot and itchy.
He never tried it again, but that made me steer away from this product.
I don't think it was related to VS, since I've used Vitamin Shoppe brand vitamins and supplements for several years and have always been pleased with their quality and prices.

Not so great...
by maryam

One of my aunts swore by this and recommended it to my husband a few years ago. She said that this was how she had both of her kids. I went out and bought this from my local vitamin shoppe. My husband used it for a week, but the results were for worse. He kept getting dizzy spells and constant headaches. I'm not sure if this herb just had bad effects on him - but the results were pretty bad and he did not use this herb again after that!

1 Customer Opinions

lots of ways to skin a cat
by metabolicguru

i have used this product for about 8-10 years and have been able to home in on my desired dosage. too much and i get side effects, to little and no desred effect. i notice that my body needs more dose than before when i was younger. i have used this with l-arginine for better results and also with an excercise program. it does help with weight loss and libido. of course, diet and exercise we should not need these pills at all right? too many people are afraid of this product in particular and should not be. however, we do need to do our homework and its always better to have medical supervision .