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Eases discomfort associated with inflammation of joints, tendons and nerves.

Regardless of the source, all inflammation has five signs: redness, swelling, heat, pain and reduction in function. Inflammation may be so minor that you are unaware of it, or it may be debilitating (such as a sports injury). Let this convenient, fast-acting oral spray provide the quick relief you need - without the negative side effects associated with other products.
Product: Anti-Inflammatory
Brand: Liddell Laboratories (More Products)
Size: 1 fl oz
Dosage: Spray twice 3 times daily
Retail: $15.00
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8 Customer Reviews

by hel

An oral spray and no pill to swallow and upset my stomach. This is great news because I do have a lot of pain in both knees which is very uncomfortable. I do get around much better now and do things I enjoy which I couldn't do before. Thank you Liddle Lab for Anti-inflammatory Spray. I definitely will recommended to my friends.

Great Alternative to Pain Pills
by Amanda

I noticed after increasing my workout regimen that I was taking ibuprofen like candy and I was having some stomach upset from it, so I thought that I'd try out this alternative. It is an oral spray and while the cost may seem prohibitive at first, it's really a good deal for the money when you factor in the amount of uses in one bottle. After using this product, I think that it worked just as well or possibly even better than over the counter pain tablets and it doesn't have the awful smell associated with sports creams for the same purpose. I probably would not count on this product for every-day pain like arthritis or for very severe pain, but it worked for me and what I needed it for (slight nagging discomfort). I would recommend it.

by Lee Weddle

I still use this product, ever since I had my knee surgery, I was in pain constantly and was taking all kinds of narcotics to kill the pain. And one day my doctor tells me "Lee no inflammation no pain". At first I didn't believe him. But shortly after trying it I started taking fewer and fewer pain-pills.
And now if I over do it, get carried away and re-injure my knee I just use the Anti-inflammatory spray and before long I am back at it. If not for this spray, I think I would still be using all of those narcotics.

by James Zitzmann

I used this after I had surgery on my knee, and it helped reduce the swelling around the incision area a great deal. An added bonus was that it has no side effects whatsoever and can be used as much as needed. I was very grateful to have found this.

Helps A lot
by Trudi Konzem

I use this anti-inflammatory spray mostly when I work out.
My knees don't seem to be as strong as they used to be and I find this really helps.
I take a couple of sprays before using my treadmill and I'm OK, no discomfort at all.
My husband uses this as well but he waits until after he is in pain, he'll never learn. He finds it helps too.

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1 Customer Opinions

Oral Spray for Pain Relief?
by Leigh Taylor

I'll have to say I am a little bit unsure if an oral spray can really work on pain caused from inflamation. There are so many other products and supplements to choose from on the market today with the same claims.

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