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Pain increased after taking Zyflamend
by julie

I wish I had the same wonderful results I have read about. One day after taking Zyflamend several joints on my body hurt and my daughter had the same response. Not really knowing if it was the Zyflamend I took it the next day. Wow, new pain points all over my body.... lower back, wrists, ribs, middle of my back, hips, and the bottoms of my feet. Really? The bottoms of my feet hurt? I bought it to help inflamation and pain in my right wrist and now my left wrist hurts. I really hoped this stuff would be the answer I've been looking for and looks like it is for many people..... but not me. Why?

Great natural anti-inflammatory
by badbadpuddy

I used to have to take prescription anti-inflammatory daily, which caused me stomach problems. I tried Zyflamend just to see if I could reduce my use of this prescription drug, and it worked! I still take the prescription with severe pain flare-ups, which are rare now, but this has almost eliminated my need for the prescription anti-inflammatory, which is a very good thing. Highly recommend.

by shawn

I have had knee pain for years as a result of a knee injury that required two surgeries. I recently started taking Zyflmend and within a week the pain significantly decreased. I am amazed how much of an impact this supplement has had on my overall pain. I recommend it to anyone who wants to reduce overall inflammation in the body.

by Jen

I was diagnosed with costochondritis which is an inflammation of the muscles between the rib bones, caused from anxiety and stress.

ONE DOSE reduced the pain and pressure SIGNIFICANTLY!

After being told to take Naproxen and if that didn't work, a steroid shot...I'm SO glad I gave this a try.

No side effects from me.

This can really help you. Best of luck.

by David

Before taking Zyflamend, my father complained about joint pain in his wrist while playing tennis and even thought about quitting. After taking the Zyflamend, the ideas were gone and he has not complained about pain in his wrist again. He can play tennis!

Actually works!!
by Jeremy

I've had problems with my shoulders since an injury as a child and this is the only product that has truly relieved my pain. This product has enabled me to continue playing the sports I love even as I get older and my joints aren't as healthy anymore. This is much easier than having to ice your aching parts after playing a game!

great relief
by Arvinder

The joint pain due to arthritis was very bad then someone suggested I take Zyflamend. I gave it a shot and then found that the pain was reduced to a great degree. I can walk more now, do all of my daily works. My life has changed with its use and I will recommend everyone with arthritis to give it a try.

by Kevin

I'm trying to forestall the diagnosis of needing DOUBLE KNEE REPLACEMENT. I began a nutrition program of Atkins PLUS the twice-daily ingestion of Zyflamend. It has been only three weeks now, and I am having significant pain relief. This is a program that I intend to stay on; my knees are improving, and I feel confidant that I am on the right track to better health.

Worked for me
by Kathy

I have knee problems now that I am older, due to childhood athletics. A friend recommended this product, and needless to say, I can move a lot more freely with less pain. Did so much more for me than Tylenol alone.

Helps prevent next day pain
by TP

I find this as a great way to prevent the pain that you expect the next day after playing a sport or working out. The reason I use this rather then something stronger is because it is less damaging to my body over the long run.

by Dorene

I suffer from arthritis is my wrists and fingers and this product really helped lessen the pain. I can move for easily and comfortably with the help of this product. It really has helped!

This is great
by cindy

I have had arthritis for more than 20 years. I have refused to take anything stronger than Tylenol. In the last year , even Tylenol wasn't effective, especially for my knees and hands. I started taking this and was amazed when I actually had relief from my arthritis symptoms. I hate the price, but realistically if I had to buy narcotics I would probably spend more than this. So far no side effects have been noted.

by EF

A decent product that can work to help reduce inflammation. However, there are some side effects, such as dry mouth, which some may wish to consider.

Many Benefits
by Victoria

I bought this for my husband due to a study from last by Columbia University Medical Center demonstrating that Zyflamend suppresses the growth of prostate cancer cells and also induces the cancer cells to self-destruct. I make sure he takes this every single day! Prevention is the key, and since cancer runs in both our families, we want to be proactive.

He has had no side-effects at all, and has said that his achy joints even feel better.

As someone who suffers from osteoarthritis, I decided to try this myself, and started taking it a few days ago.

Zyflamend has great anti-imflammatory properties, and would be great for people who suffer from joint/inflammatory diseases.

Great Product
by Rebecca

This product has enabled me to continue playing the sports I love even as I get older and my joints aren't as healthy anymore. This is much easier than having to ice your aching parts after playing a game!

Good for my elbows.
by Shreyas Patel

I couldn't play any sports without icing and heating my elbows after. I realized it was a problem with inflammation so I decided to try Zyflamend, and it worked without any side effects.

Dry Mouth !
by Christy Ward

Zyflamend gives me the worst case of dry mouth. Out of any antiflammatory product I have tried, this one has to be the worst. The product works wonders and does what it is meant to do but for me the cotton mouth is unbearable, to the point that I had to switch brands. I have found that there are a couple other brands that are not as expensive and work just as well without the dry mouth side effect.

great for your body
by sandra

My father was diagnosed with arthritis 10 years ago and this product has been a life saver. It gives his joints more flexibility, and he says he can move a lot better and is not so stiff in the morning. He highly recommends this product.

Love it!
by D&Q'sMommy

I've had problems with my shoulders since an injury as a child and this is the only product that has truly relieved my pain. I was extremely surprised to say the least. I highly recommend this product to anyone who has persistent joint pain. As an added bonus, I have seen coupons in the Sunday newspaper for this product so, you can save a few bucks too!

Great Product
by Jeff

I just recently discovered this great product. It is a more natural way to relieve inflammation. It has really helped my knees a lot and I would highly recommend this product.

by holly wilson

This product is great! I used it after a back injury and it really helped me better than any other product I tried. It's a little steep in price but after using it you'll agree its worth the price.

the perfect anti-inflammatory
by tasha

This is such a great product. It works so well for over-stressed muscles, injuries, even menstrual cramps- as those are the reasons I've taken zyflamend. It is completely herbal, utilizing many herbs used since ancient times to combat inflammation, like ginger, turmeric, and green tea. New chapter creates supplements of the highest standard; their ginger is always organic, their herbs are often formatted into a standard of what they call "super critical," which means it is completely pure and incredibly potent, using as much of the viable plant as possible within the formula. as a daytime formula, these very same herbs will give you an energy boost, so do not take if you wanna get sleep! (they also make a "pm" version) I've known athletes use zyflamend religiously, as well as people recovering from back injuries, and muscle trauma. there are not enough positive things to say about this product!

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