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Silicium G5 Gel

Use Silicium G5 Gel to regain an active lifestyle and minimize joint discomfort. Silicium G5 Gel is a proprietary blend of organic silica with other beneficial extracts that supports the body’s natural inflammatory response to reduce joint pain and stiffness. It is specially formulated for optimal absorption at the site of application. This hypoallergenic gel is highly valued for use in osteopathy, physiotherapy, kinesiology and cosmetic dermatology due to its properties of promoting the re-growth, strength and elasticity of connective tissues, as well as speeding the healing of wounds to the skin. Exceptionally effective, apply it with a light massage to the cervicals, lumbars, knees, etc., for increased flexibility and joint mobility.

Silicium G5 Gel helps increase the strength of the joint and improve the resilience of connective tissues. It may be used to soothe irritation and inflammation of the skin and joints. With consistent application, Silicium G5 Gel reverses joint pain, improves the appearance of the skin, as well as the strength and luster of the hair and nails. It supports the synthesis of collagen and elastin, both of which have a firming and tightening action on the skin.

Ingredients: Purified water, hydroxyethyl cellulose, organic silica (monomethylsilanol), citrus grandis (grapefruit), glycerin and silica. Instructions: Apply a thin layer of gel to the affected area and leave untouched for five minutes. Then massage until completely absorbed into the skin. Repeat as necessary. Packaging: 150 ml (5 oz) tube.
Product: Silicium G5 Gel
Brand: Silicium Laboratories LLC (More Products)
Size: 5 oz
Dosage: Apply a thin layer of gel to the affected area and leave untouched for five minutes. Then massage until completely absorbed into the skin. Repeat as necessary.
Retail: $29.95
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2 Customer Reviews

Endurance Mountain Biker
by Dana C

This stuff really works! I log 10-12 hours a week on my mountain bike and sometimes get tendon pain from overuse. The Silicium G5 Gel alleviates my knee pain. Just recently, I completed a 12 hour mountain bike race and went over a hundred miles. My knees were killing me! I slapped the gel on after the race and was riding the next day! Try it. You’ll love the results!

President of CPG manufacturer
by Felix C

I am 44, in good health, with excellent health history and recently returned to working out at the gym after about 15 month hiatus. Over-exercised on the elliptical and running machine and experienced a pain in the right shoulder blade and right rear of neck area extending to the shoulder blade area.
I typically would have used the popular creams with menthol and oils but tried the Gel based on an acquaintaces recommendation. I found the gel is smooth and cool to the skin similar to aloe. No odor and no greasiness. The sharp pain diminished considerably and I was able to dress immediately after application without concern for staining my work clothes. I was able to return to the gym the same evening and for the entire week without having to lessen the pace of exercise.