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by Josh

This product is completely useless. I saw no result after using it for over a month. This seems to just be a scam

Not quite enough
by J

I took this product but had to double my dosage as each pill only contained 500mg and I am used to 1000mg. 1000mg of chondroitin is great for the joints and taking it helped me to improve my motion. Good product, just a low dose which requires double is the only problem here!

Great Product
by Linda

I take this product daily. It helps get rid of pain in my knees. I have been taking it for a year and it has given me wonderful results. I would buy Chondroitin Sulfate again because it works great. I highly recommend it.

No evidence that this works!
by ihscav99

I have severe arthritis in my left knee and tried this because I heard it could help. However, after a month, the pain did not improve. I went to talk to my doctor and she said that there was no evidence that chondroitin actually works. If anything, it was just a waste of money. I have to say that after trying it out, I agree with her.

Pain reduction
by Brian

Half of the team (along with glucosamine) that I use to keep knee pain at bay, particularly for the purpose of exercising, such as hiking long distances. This not only minimizes pain and discomfort during the activity but afterward as well, which is just as important.

Kneed Relief?
by Christi

This product is wonderful. My teenage is a catcher on a tournament baseball team. He has dislocated his knee twice in 4 years. During his stints in rehab the physical therapist talked with me about putting him on supplements to help strengthen his knee to prevent further injury. We tried a couple of different things before we came across Chondroitin Sulfate at the Vitamin Shoppe. We have always had good luck with just about everything we purchase there and this was no exception. My son started using the product and within 3 days he had me add this to his regular supplement routine. He said his knee felt stronger with less lax in it and that he joint seemed to be working smoother and wasn't "locking" up as much. I have noticed he complains a lot less about the everyday aches and pains he was having and he says it's because they are gone. We both highly recommend this product if you are having any issues with your knees.

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