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Replenish and rejuvenate your joints naturally with Replenex.
Product: Replenex
Brand: Melaleuca (More Products)
Size: 90 tablets
Dosage: Take 3 tablets daily
Retail: $14.50
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8 Customer Reviews

by Ronnie Jinks

This stuff is nothing short of a miracle. I tried it out of desperation. My shoulder pain had gotten to the point of being unbearable. I could hardly use my arm, much less move it. I decided to try it at my wife's urging. She ordered me a bottle of Extra Strength Replenex. It only took a little over a month for me to notice a drastic difference. i can do things i thought I would never be able to do again. I am now a lifelong Melaleuca customer. I will never stop using it.

keeps him going
by Deb

My husband was getting a little overweight (to put it nicely) and he started working out and getting back into shape. He trains properly but would have a lot of problems with joint pain and it would make him lack the movitation to keep at it because he'd be so uncomfortable. He was stuck in a catch 22 cause he needed to work out but it was hurting him. He was taking a glucosamine supplement from the drug store that he needed to take 3 times a day and it was helping but when his bottle ran out and I got him the Replenex he said he wouldn't go back to the old brand he was using. He feels great and I'm glad he is sticking to his work out routine cause he looks and feels great.... now if only I could jump on the band wagon... lol

76 year old Grandma
by Joyce DuPriest

I talked to someone who is using this, and she highly recommended it. I have not seen this person, and do not know how to find her. However, I would like to purchase and try this for my bones, joints, and stiff aches.
My address is 2921 Everest Dr. Bedford, Texas 76021 Phone 817-267-1687

by Nancy

This is pure 1500 of glucosamine HCI 1500, which is the most absorbable form. It also has herbs and antioxidants to improve uptake and fight free radicals.

Amazing in such a short time
by Janet

My husband and I both were diagnosed with a mild case of arthritis in one (each) of our hips. The osteo recommended taking glucosamine. So, we started taking Replenex. What I didn't realize, is the ginger in the product starts to take the pain away -- in a matter of a week, maybe less.

I have a close friend who was supposed to have knee surgery. Bluntly put, she's very heavy, and could stand to lose about 70 lbs. However, it's her story that made me try the Replenex. After 4 months of Replenex, the doctor says her joints look great, and she doesn't need the surgery anymore. She's swore by that stuff -- along with the product Pain-A-Trate by the same company. It certainly sold me, and I'm so glad I found this product!

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2 Customer Opinions

Regrading Replenex Supplement
by Rob Carbone

Believe it or not

My doctor referred me to a knee specialist, I was explained that I will live with this pain until death… each morning until it’s time to lay my head to sleep, I suffer with the most horrendous pain in my right knee, regardless witch position my knee was there was always this cracking sounds, it felt dehydrated, until my wife said, you need to try this Replenex product. Sure just to make her happy since nothing else worked not even Phyo therapy I took the product to make my wife happy. The next morning I didn’t feel any pain, I cannot believe by taking one doze all the pain is gone..:))


Worth A Try!
by Leigh Taylor

Replenex has a high dose of glucosamine. Research has found this supplement to ease joint pain and stiffness. It's really worth a try!

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