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Joint Pain Gone!
by Leigh Taylor

I had heard reviews about how glucosamine & chondroitin relieved joint pain and I still didn't try it because it seemed too good to be true. I became allergic to anti-inflamitory drugs, so I decided to try it. I had to take it or a couple of months. But, to my surprise it took all my joint pain away!

glucosamine chondroitin
by sharon malone

I take these for my arthritis and fibromyalgia. It helps with the pain and stiffness that I experience especially first thing in the morning. I couldn't make it through the day without the help from this supplement.

Still have pain
by Carol

This product has not helped my severe knee pain. I still have inflammation.

Great for my fibermyalgia stiffness!
by Amanda

I am 22 years of age and I have many health problems so my doctor recommended Glucosamine MSM along with my other medications. I have noticed a ease in some of my joint pain and over all stiffness. If you have not tried this and you suffer from stiffness and joint problems it is a must!

Great Product!
by Nihility

About a year ago an ex-boyfriend had to go to the doctor because of chronic pain due to a car accident. Besides his regular medication, he was told to take this product to help his joints/muscles. I remembered it helping him a lot, so when I hurt my back about 4 months ago, I decided to try it for myself. I noticed less pain and aches as the months went on, and I wouldn't give this product up for the world.

Great for stiff joints
by alma

My aunt suffered an injury to her knees many years ago. As she got older the symptoms became worse. She had stiff and painful joints and she was in constant pain. Her doctor recommended surgery but also told her to take these supplements as they had evidence that this supported the cartilage in her knees. She has been taking them for four months and her stiffness and pain has diminished. She can now walk for longer periods of time pain free. She has also said that the pain in her joints has also lessened.

The Magic Combination
by SierraK

An excellent product with the right combination, and although it works great for osteoarthritis, it's also terrific for tendinitis.
I developed tendinitis in one elbow (commonly known as "tennis elbow") from sports, and in the past had an Achilles tendon tear (from sports too) that was repaired, but also developed into tendinitis. Advil or Aleve and a little ice took care of the pain when it was acting up. Frankly I worried about taking pain relievers so often, and I searched for something that could lessen or even eliminate the need for them.
A little research led to the combination of glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, and Ester C. Purported to work for osteoarthitis and joint cartilage problems, and knowing that tendons have a similar lack of blood supply, I decided to give it a try. It couldn't hurt, and maybe it could help my elbow and ankle which hurt quite a lot at times!
I started with Nutraceutical's combo since it came closest to the combination I wanted, then simply added an Ester-C supplement. After 6 weeks of this regimen everyday, the elbow tendinitis that had been painful at various levels for nearly a year was gradually reduced until it disappeared. I am still taking this combo on a maintenance dosage, and I have not been bothered by that painful condition for at least two years now. It's simply gone.
The Achilles tendinitis took much longer to respond, not surprising since it's on a weight-bearing joint, but it too improved greatly. Although it still acts up, it's only sometimes now, and only when I overdo it with sports, but even then, the pain relievers are seldom needed anymore. Instead I just wear a wrap-around velcro holder with an ice pack for a bit and the ankle feels fine.

by Stephan Gi Won Yoon

As a bodybuilder and runner, I encounter many discomforts in my joints on a frequent basis. Although I have not tried several brands, I did give this one a shot. Within a few days I didn't feel any tension in my knees while running, or after running. I am a very strenuous runner and I stride pretty hard, but this supplement negated any discomfort in my knees! Same while lifting weights, I did not feel the same strain in my wrists as I used to. I take this on a daily basis now, it is great!

Here's To My Joint Health, Now and Later
by Lisa

My mother has suffered from all-over arthritis and takes this product regularly. I recently asked her when she first felt symptoms begin. "Forty," she said--my age now. I decided then and there to begin taking Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM as a preventive measure since auto-immune issues run in my family. I thought I was simply watching out for my future health, but a sore hand joint that I thought was caused by repetitive stress has noticeably improved!

by Michelle

I had an injury and began taking this. I was back to running pain-free with-in weeks!

Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM
by pamela

This has helped me so much! i suffer from osteoarthritis in both knees, my upper and lower back, this has helped me to relieve a lot of pain and the grinding sound is down to minimal! I really believe this has helped my cartilage in my joints.
Praise the Lord!

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