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by Georgiana Chaffee

I have been using this product for about a year and it has really helped my inflammatory issues with my joints. Especially with my knees.

Knee Pain Gone!
by Leigh Taylor

I had terrible knee pain. I had trouble driving and had to stop swimming. I read about glucosamine & condroitin and how it had been tested and really did help. I bought it, tried it, and wow! It really lived up to it's claims!

A Good Product
by Leigh Taylor

I have used this product for several years and i am convinced it works relieving my painful knee joints.This one is double strength which I think is a good idea.

So good for my knee problems
by barb

I started taking this supplement several months ago, and I could actually tell the difference within the first two weeks. I have arthritis as well as cartilage loss in both knees, and I have seen very definite improvement since I started taking this stuff. I will not be without it from now on.

No More Pain!
by Jennifer H.

This product is a lifesaver for me! I have tried every over the counter product around to relieve the pain in my joints (lupus related), but nothing has worked...until now! I discovered this product a while back and decided to try it as I didn't want another prescription to deal with. I was completely amazed to discover that within days, I was FINALLY getting some relief from my pain. I couldn't believe it!! I could get out of bed quicker, out of chairs, out of the car...and could actually navigate the entire day without difficulty. The three pills per day are easy to take (and easy to remember to take!!) and the price is so worth it. I HIGHLY recommend this product...especially if you are about to give up hope of ever getting rid of your joint pain!! It really works!!

Pain free !!
by Patricia

I can't take ibuprophen or any nasids, due to stomach bleeding. So when I found this product that relieves arthritis pain and isn't threating to my health, I couldn't believe it.

Got rid of arthritis pain!
by Rachel

I had been taking prescription ibuprophen 3x/day before supplementing with this product. While taking it, I didn't need the ibuprophen at all! I was able to take a few weeks off between bottles before the pain returned, too. Great product and they have fabulous prices.

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