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Works on my knees
by Green

I am 37 years old and I needed a boost to help me perform all my activities. Glucosamine has been a BIG part of my vitamin regimine for several years now and I have seen a tremendous change in my joints. I have recommended this to my friends and they can't stop thanking me enough.

Helped a little
by Barb Fleming

After 2 failed TMJ surgeries, degenerative osteoarthritis in the left jaw joint, tried this as well, it helped a little bit, where as the chondroitin could not help. It was not to a great enough degree to continue taking. The doctor stated it was not helping, the severity of the condition outweighing what effect it had, though I know some who have had great success with it, just not something that worked for myself, tried it for 2 month's time last year.

Give it a try!
by Jill S.

My husband broke his heel five years ago. His doctor recommended he use Glucosamine to help with his mobility. He works long hours and is on his feet all day. He is doing great with the help of Puritan's Pride tablets. He says it really made a difference in his quality of life. He is even able to jog again!

More Flexible Joints
by TP

It felt like there were rocks in my joints. I started taking Glucosamine and it felt like I got 20 years younger over the course of a week. Now imp playing sports more often and help in all areas of my body.

Great for joints
by Jose

After my wife suffered an injury at work, she had to undergo surgery on her leg. While recovering from the accident and surgery, she took Glucosamine to make her joints healthier (as that is what suffered in the injury). Now her leg is better than ever.

Helps me to move!
by Jody

Prior to discovering glucosamine, my joints were stiff and I had problems walking/running any distances; now, after about 3 months of therapy with glucosamine, I feel 10 years younger and can move about pain-free.

Only 25 Bucks.
by Shreyas Patel

My joints used to stiffen up after typing a lot. I started using Glucosamine and I am able to type my reports for work without having to stop every couple minutes. Look, I'm even typing this.

by prashnt

My aunt has been taking this for a year or so. She has a bad knee (painful at times). Hence, she can't climb stairs or walk for long. But, after taking Glucosamine her knees feel a lot better and she manages to climb stairs. She is not 100% satisfied but believes this does an average job.

good product, nice price
by EF

Glucosamine is a good supplement to promote joint health and with 1500mg per tablets and 120 tablets for $25. This product represents very good value for money.

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