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Not bad
by Liz

I bought this product for my mother. It prove to work well. I will send her more in some weeks

No help
by Carol

I had high hopes for this version of Glucosamine Sulfate, but it didn't help me at all.

not good
by kim2728

I have been having difficulty with my arthritis for years and I have always been looking for a solution. And unfortunately for me this product wasn't part of that solution..

I had to help my body
by Cheryl

I have been an extremely active person my entire life and finally, it has taken a toll on my knees and ankles. I am 40 years old and I needed a boost to help me perform all my activities. Glucosamine has been a BIG part of my vitamin regimen for several years now,, and I have seen a tremendous change in my joints. I feel as long as I take Glucosamine, I will prolong the trip to the doctor regarding arthritis!! I have recommended this to my friends and they can't stop thanking me enough.

Works on my knees
by Brian

Along with chondroitin (I‘ve always been told to take them in pairs), glucosamine wards off the pain incurred when exercising. It can get expensive, but this product is among the more inexpensive brands, and the investment in yourself is worth it for those times you just want to be able to exercise without restriction.

Improvement in Joints due to Arthritis - Devoid of Sodium Content - What a Plus!
by BJ

At first I was hesitate to try another product like this, due to most of these having sodium in their product; but Solaray Gluosamine Sulfate contains no sodium, which can act as a laxative with some people; which I experienced with other brands of Gluosamine.

After taking Solaray Glusoamine Sulfate for two months, I noticed a remarkable improvement in my joints; especially my knees and my fingers; which I have trouble with arthritis in these areas. This was the reason I purchased this product to see if I would experience a difference. I found that in the mornings when I woke up, that it was easier on my knees; that I didn’t experience the stiffness I was previously having in my knees, and that my fingers didn’t feel as stiff as they previously were feeling. I take one capsule per day, which seems sufficient to maintain the level needed to have less stiffness and soreness, as I was having with some of my joints.

If you were having problems with other products acting as a laxative, due to the sodium content; I would highly recommend Solaray Gluosamine Sulfate, as it is devoid of sodium in the product; which is a plus!!

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Does It Work?
by Leigh Taylor

Solaray is a supplement containing Glucosamine Sulfate. This supplement has been proven when taken with Condroitian to relieve joint pain and stiffness. This version of like products might work on joint pain.