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Sore No More

For centuries the native tribes of northern Mexico have been using plant extracts to relieve pain. With that knowledge and modern science, we've developed a unique formula by blending those plant extracts with safe active ingredients.
Sore No More is a fast acting natural pain-relieving gel enriched with menthol, camphor, and with the deep heating strength of capsaicin.
Product: Sore No More
Brand: Sombra Cosmetics (More Products)
Size: 4 oz
Dosage: Use as directed
Retail: $8.50
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5 Customer Reviews

by Don Brewer

I really like Sore No More
I rub it on and the pain vanishes
Thank you

Loved the Results
by J Hall

"Sore No More" is good for me, it has natural ingredients, is fast acting, plus it works. I'm tired of using chemicals and their experiencing harmful effects.
I have used this for a long time, and when I run out sometimes it is hard for me to find in the area I am located, but I can find it online. It's worth the money.
I have used it for sprains, muscle aches, and pains. The gel is easy to use, plus it stays where you put it. I suggest this to anyone who has the need for it. It is also priced well compared to other products.

Not effective
by BA

I tried Sore No More for my aching joints because I was interested in a good topical product that I could apply directly to the pain. This product wasn't a success. It did provide a sensation when applied, but I believe that it was merely a superficial level of heat. My joints still ached and the product did not work well with sweat as I tried to resume exercise after using this product. Overall, I would not recommend this product. I am still looking for a good topical ointment that provides outstanding pain relief.

by cooldan

I play basketball a lot and sometimes my knees get very stressed and hurt badly so I put this on it. I've been using it for 3 months so far and I feel very good after I apply it. I have other menthol products and apparently they are all working very well along with this one. It is very effective and it is better than anything else out there.

Buy no more.
by JJ

My father is a little overweight and is always complaining that his knees hurt. So I decided to get him this product to try. He said that it was greasy and didn't smell good and in the end didn't even help him. $8.50 is a little too expensive for a product that didn't work, in my opinion. You could try it yourself, but I don't recommend it.

1 Customer Opinions

by Mike Daughtrey

After trying several cream, jels and rubs I had decided that they were all just hype. When I saw this product in a small pharmacy in Mt View, AR I asked the pharmacist about it. He said he felt it was the best thing on the market because of the naurtal ingrediants. He even offered my money back if I didnt think it worked. Well, all I can say is I didn't ask for my money back, It is the best pain relieving rub I have ever used !!