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Joint Vibrance-Powder

No other formula is as complete. Arthritis, sports injuries, repetitive motion on the job, sprains and strains give nearly everyone some degree of cartilage breakdown by the age of 32 to 35. Today nutritional science has shown us that cartilage can often be restored.

Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate offer some relief by rehydrating cartilage, giving it greater cushioning power. But it takes more than glucosamine and chondroitin to do a first class repair job. It takes Joint Vibrance.

Joint Vibrance matches anti-inflammatory botanical extracts and special minerals to therapeutic amounts of these nutrients vital to the reconstruction of cartilage:

Arthred™, pharmaceutically pure hydrolyzed collagen (10,000 mg. in powder/ 9,000 mg. in tablets)
Glucosamine HCL (1,500 mg.)
MSM (methyl sulfonyl methane 1,000 mg.)
Chondroitin sulfate (500 mg.)

Arthred™ alone was shown to rebuild cartilage in extensive clinical trials. Anti-inflammatory herbs and botanical extracts help reduce stiffness and discomfort. Grape seed extract helps bind broken collagen fibers for a “quick fix” while the other ingredients in Joint Vibrance initiate substantive reconstruction. MSM helps too, supporting flexible disulfide bonds in connective tissue.

Be Patient
Lodged inside cartilage are cells called chondrocytes that manufacture cartilage. They never lose their ability to do so. Nutrients reach them by slow, passive diffusion through fluids lubricating joints. That is why the effects of Joint Vibrance are not immediate, and require approximately 6 weeks for new cartilage to begin forming. One scoop (included) of powder (or 12 tablets) daily should nevertheless begin to show results by week #3. Smoother articulation, reduced sensitivity, and a general re-stabilization of the joint may be noticed.

NOTE: Some healthy cartilage with viable chondrocytes must be present in the joint for the formula to stimulate new growth. No cartilage, or simply mere fragments, in severely degenerated joints may provide too little starting material for Joint Vibrance to be truly effective.

Joint Vibrance is intended to help maintain healthy joint function. Cartilage is a non-vascular tissue. Nutrients reach it slowly and indirectly by circulating through fluids bathing the joints. It is important that the health-building nutrients in Joint Vibrance be taken daily in order to provide a continual nutrient bath required to support new growth.

Product: Joint Vibrance-Powder
Brand: Vibrant Health (More Products)
Size: 15 packets
Dosage: Once each day mix one (1) level scoop into eight ounces of grapefruit, apple or grape juice (recommended) or the juice of your choice.
Retail: $4,195.00
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