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by meta

Hyalurois acid serum best. It didn't leave my face feeling idk greasy / dirty. I was using a big brand that always on tv. The next few days my face felt diirty/ flaky. As I said this product works. Some of my coworkers asked if I went for a peel, my skin looks better. I'm 49 I do not want to look it

Good for scars
by Jessica

I have found this product to be helpful in temporarily improving the appearance of acne scars. I have to apply it with a q-tip to my scars, because if I use it all over my face, I look kind of bloated. I assume this is because the hyaluronic acid attracts water. Also, I don't find it has any long-term effects, because when I stop using it, my indented scars look the same as they did before.

Must have - and a great value
by Mari

I get facial peels periodically and although they help with my skin texture, my skin ends up feeling very fragile and dry for a couple of weeks. This serum works beautifully to take away the tightness and flakiness. It boosts the performance of any moisturizer and it won't clog pores or irritate acne prone skin. Hyaluronic Acid serums sell for much more at the department stores and boutiques, so Reviva's is an exceptional value. I keep this on hand not only for post-peel care, but also for abrasions and burns etc, as it takes away redness and soothes the skin almost instantly.

The Best for Aging Skin
by Brenda

This product gives instant results to tired looking skin, if used every morning and evening before moisturizers. It holds moisture inside the skin, making it look firmer, smoother, and doesn't have an unpleasant smell. I have used this serum, as I found it least expensive than most. I loved the results after applying my make-up, and would recommend this to those who are having a problem paying high prices for other products that don't do what they promise.

Versatile Product
by SierraK

Not a well-known substance, but hyaluronic acid is essential to keep skin properly moisturized especially if you live in a dry climate. There are many creams that contain it, but unfortunately I could not use them. Many were simply too greasy and a few even broke me out. Reviva's serum provided the perfect answer.
The beauty of this product is that its serum form means you can add it to your favorite sunscreen or moisturizer and have the benefits of both. That's what I do and it really improves the way my moisturizer works.
I am thrilled that I can finally use the moisturizer that is compatible with my skin type, and still have the benefits of hyaluronic acid, which my normal moisturizer does not contain. There is a definite performance difference in the way my moisturizer works now.

HA serum
by nikki

I was buying some pretty expensive creams that said they contained hyaluronic acid, but didn't give the amounts. After doing a bit of research, I found out that the amounts were pretty insignificant. I went with this serum as it provides a much better value for my money. It has helped to retain moisture in my skin and plumps my skin, which makes me look younger.

Who knew it came in a liquid?
by Tiffany

My facialist started me on Hyaluronic Acid. I get great compliments on my skin (especially in cold, skin-chapping weather)and I know that this is part of the reason why.

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