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Well suplement,well price

My dad has Osteoarthritis, he cant walk well in the morning. He also had an elbow ache . He used this for nearly eight months. Now he is pretty well. Suggested serving can be more if you want to use in long term. Start with suggested and drop down to 2 or 3 capsules when you feel better and try to use after dinner because the body repairs itself at night.

5 capsules per serving!!
by kym

I was very disappointed to find out that you have to take 5 capsules to get 1500mg of Gluccosamine! The ones I can get from Wal-Mart require only 2 to get the amount of Gluccosamine. So, this product is quite expensive since 200 capsules will last only 40 days. To me, it is deceiving to advertise "1500mg per serving" when you have to pop so many capsules into your mouth everyday!

Great for pain
by Nikki Cook

I have been fighting pain in my wrists for a while. This product has really helped in the month I have taken it. I will be sticking with it.

200 Capsules by Vitabase
  • Contains 1200 mg Chondroitin, 1500 mg Glucosamine and 2000 mg MSM per serving.
  • Easy to swallow capsules.
  • Helps improve symptoms of poor joint health.
  • Most affordable glucosamine combination product available!
Price is good
by Kelsey R

The price actually is pretty similar to other products until you realize that this product has about 3 times more MSM and glucosamine as the other products. You can actually take less a day than they recommend and get relief from pain.

Pain-free BABY!
by Tim Lee

I have had pain in my knee from skateboarding for the past year. I have been taking this for a few months, and it works great! NO more pain.

Too big pills
by Sally R.

I cannot swallow pills this size. I returned the product (they were very nice about taking it back). I do use other Vitabase products though.

by John K

I like this product. I only use 2/day and get plenty of the msm and chondrotin In fact, 2/day has more ingredients that most other products recommend. I have been able to sleep pain-free for a while because of this product.

Good company
by Greg Henry

I use a lot of Vitabase products, and this one is typical-a good value and good quality.

Sold on this
by Marty Leeman

I have used these products for years, and this particular brand for the past 8 months or so. I can say that most of these products work about the same. However, this product is an unbelievable value. it contains way more of the active ingredients that competitors.

Too much MSM
by Jean Cook

I am not sure why this product contains so much more MSM and Chondroitin than similar products. I wonder if it is not too much?

Less pain
by John Kook

Great product for arthritis. I have felt much better since beginning this product.

Great value
by Kenn

This has something like 5 times the amounts of similar products but at the same price. In fact, I take only three pills a day instead of the five they recommend and still get plenty of these ingredients. It works great too, less pain.

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