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!!!! good juice!!!!!
by scj

This juice has a very nice flavor to it and gives you a lot of energy.

Healthy juice
by Joy

I found the Himalayan Goji Juice to be very healthy, also it does taste pretty good. It definately made me have more energy. Great product

Hokey Pokey
by Jonathan

Yes it tastes good, but honestly, I don't know that I could even begin to measure what lasting health benefits it has, especially at $35 a bottle. In fact, I did see a report that the juice is no different than fruit juice. I don't buy it now...

Soothes problems with aching joints
by BA

Himalayan Goji Juice is an amazing product. I have been taking this every single day for a year and I can say that I will continue to take this every day for the foreseeable future. I had problems with achy joints (due to old age and repetitive overuse of certain joints) and had suffered silently for years before trying this product. I had experimented with various "juices" to see if I could relieve my pain naturally without medication. I was about to give up my search when I came across this Goji Juice. This was going to be my last try at the natural products, before just giving in and deciding to try to ease the pain with medication. After taking the juice every day for 3 weeks, I noticed my first change. The normal throbbing in my joints had dulled and I found that I could walk farther without pain than I had been able to in years. The more time passed, the more my joint pain symptoms eased. I felt more energized and on some days, I rarely feel any pain at all. I know that I am gushing, but I really am just so happy that I stumbled onto this product. To this day, I have not taken any pain medication, but still drink my Goji juice daily. I even gave a little to my 14 year old arthritic dog and I swear it seems to help him too. Try this product. You will love it.

Here are some tips:
- You can use the bottle cap provided as your Goji Juice portion size as it is quite large and holds a perfectly sized portion of the juice.
- I have found that if I take some in the morning and again at night, I am good all day long.
- I have acquired a taste for this juice (kinda cranberry-tasting), so I drink it by itself. If you don't like the taste, put it in some orange juice and it will taste wonderful.

Go Goji
by William

Despite having incredible taste and antioxidation properties on the body, Goji juice, like fiber, will help keep your body regular. I would generally prefer to take supplements in pill form, but I mix a small serving into my protein shakes for an interesting taste. These shakes help keep the inside of your body clean and healthy.

Love this stuff
by Michael L.

This product has really helped with joint pain. I have been taking it for 6 weeks. The taste is not too bad and it keeps in the fridge for four weeks or so. I like the anti-oxidant qualities as well.

Goji Juice
by Elizabeth

I'm always on the lookout for anything that is high in antioxidants. I'd seen the Goji berries at a health food store and was very curious about them but was reluctant to buy them wondering what they tasted like and how long they would last. Then I saw this juice and figured if I can refrigerate it then it'll last me longer. I got it, have been taking it for a few weeks and wow! I love it. It's sweet and to know that it's fully loaded with antioxidant makes me feel great. Great supplement to curb the aging process!

Awesome, really awesome!!
by NTReviewer

I would highly recommend this product to anyone. My mother suffers from arthritis. She has difficulty holding things without pain in her hands and fingers. After seeing her in such dismay for so long, I tried to look for natural products that might help her and stumbled upon Goji Juice. After reading numerous stories about how Goji berries have a healing effect, I decided to give it a try. I am so very very happy that I did! Goji juice is one of the best natural products I have ever purchased. Within a month, my mom noticed a difference in her symptoms. Her hands were less stiff and she had an overall greater feeling of well being. It was really amazing. The juice itself tastes a bit like cherry juice and we found that we like it the best when chilled.

Tasty and healthy
by R. M.

This juice is naturally sweet and high in antioxidants. Taken in small daily doses, it works out to be a great price over a longer time period, and it is a great natural product (I prefer it vitamin pills, since it's natural!) I recommend Himalayan Goji Juice.

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